Circle Polar in the MV Ocean Endeavour

Expedition cruise to Antarctica discovering the Peninsula reaching Deception Island and Paradise Bay and entering in the Antarctic Circle, to observe wildlife such as cormorants, petrels, Chinstrap penguins, skuas, among others, reaching Detaille Island. We can travel aboard the MV Sea Spirit or the M/V Ocean Diamond. We will get to the Arctic Circle but we will also land in the south and in the north of the Antarctic Peninsula.

Antarctic Circle in the Ocean Endeavour MV / M/V Ocean Diamond

14 days - 13 nights

We will travel to the Antarctic Circle on a journey of adventure discovering the Antarctic Peninsula in Zodiac boats before reaching our final goal.

Antarctic Circle in the Ocean Endeavour MV / M/V Ocean Diamond

This trip to the Antarctic Circle in the M/V Ocean Endeavour or M/V Ocean Diamond is a little longer than the M/V Plancius, differs mainly in the attractions that we will visit. We will arrive approximately around day 6 or 7 to the polar circle, before we will leave the Drake Passage to go to the Antarctic Peninsula, taking advantage of several days in this area where we will explore in zodiac boats starting the Antarctic adventure before reaching the Circle.

14 days - 13 nights

Day 1 - Ushuaia or Buenos Aires

Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego Island (M/V Sea Adventurer / M/V Ocean Diamond)

Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, will welcome us with its picturesque picture, its stunning view to the Beagle Channel and its excellent gastronomy options. We will spend the night in this city.

Buenos Aires (M/V Ocean Endeavour)

You may arrive in Buenos Aires at any time during Day 1 of the itinerary (pre-night hotel included)

Day 2 - Beagle Channel

Starting our Trip to the Antarctic (M/V Sea Adventurer / M/V Ocean Diamond)

Before embarking, we will have the opportunity to visit on our own the city of Ushuaia: among the excursions available, we recommend visiting the Tierra del Fuego National Park to reach Lapataia Bay. We will start our expedition trip on the icebreaker that will cross the waters of the Beagle Channel heading for the turbulent Drake Passage.

Charter Flight from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, Argentina and Embarkation

After breakfast at the hotel, the group will transfer to the airport and board our private charter flight from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, Argentina. Upon arrival, we’ll take a short city tour before heading to the pier.

Day 3 to 4 - Crossing the Drake Passage

When crossing the Drake Passage, we will have the opportunity to learn about the biology, the habitat and the behavior of the Emperor Penguin. Our photographer will help us enjoy to the full the landscape taking into account the special light conditions that we will find during our visit to the penguin rookeries. The Drake Passage, also called the Hoces Sea, divides South America from the White Continent; it is located between Cape Horn (Chile) and the South Shetland Islands (the Antarctic), connecting the Pacific Ocean in the west to the Scotia Sea in the east

Day 5 to 7 - Antarctic Peninsula: exploring the west coast at pure adventure

The Expedition Team will release the Zodiac boats to water as often as possible. We will slide through the water to head to the land or let ourselves be led in silence while watching the whales or penguins jump onto the ice shelves. The Antarctic adventure is looking for the perfect moments that will be in our minds for the rest of our lives. We will have optional activities that will be assigned in order of arrival. There are different places to land, including Neko Harbor, Petermann Island, or Pleneau Island. Additionally we can kayak through the whales and camp in Antarctica.

Day 8 to 9 - The Antarctic Circle

Crossing the Antarctic Circle is still an impressive achievement. The Antarctic Circle is one of the five major parallels that mark the maps of the Earth. Is the parallel of latitude 66 ° 33 '38 "south of Ecuador. Each point that is southern of the Antarctic Circle have at least one day of the year when the sun is above the horizon for 24 continuous hours and at least a day with the sun below the horizon for 24 hours. This is because the axis of rotation of the earth that is inclined 23 ° 26 '22 "in relation to the Earth's orbit around the sun. Antarctica is constituted by a mass of land that is almost entirely within the Antarctic Circle. The Circle advance over the Antarctic continent from west to east: the northern part of the Antarctic Peninsula, near the Matha Strait and south of the Jason Peninsula. In East Antarctica the Polar Circle passes through Tierra de Enderby (Enderby Land) and Tierra de Wilkes (Wilkes Land) and Tierra Adelie (Adelie Land) just beyond the Circle, finally passes between the Balleny Islands.

Day 10 to 11 - To the north of the Antarctic Peninsula

During the trip, the expedition team will keep us informed about the amazing history of each place we will visit. Each name on the map of Antarctica has a story to tell. Most of the French names that appear are the legacy of Jean-Baptiste Charcot, doctor, yachtsman and explorer; he lived for adventure. We will continue to travel north of the West Antarctic Peninsula, we will try to make two stops per day to sail in Zodiac boats, and we will try to spot different species of penguins, seals and whales that we have missed in the journey south.

Day 12 to 13 - Towards the Drake Passage spotting wildlife along the way

As we cross the Drake Passage again, we will stay up late with our new friends talking about the fantastic experience while the summer twilight of the Antarctic fades out.

Day 14 - Ushuaia or Buenos Aires

Ushuaia (M/V Sea Adventurer / M/V Ocean Diamond)

We will disembark at the port of Ushuaia on Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, saying goodbye to a trip to remember, we were participate and one of the few privileged who got to the Polar Circle.

Disembark in Ushuaia, for charter flight back to Buenos Aires (M/V Ocean Endeavour)

After breakfast aboard the ship, it is time to part ways and say goodbye to your Expedition Team.

Map of Route

 Antarctic Circle in the Ocean Endeavour MV / M/V Ocean Diamond


Services include:
  • One-night hotel with breakfast included before the expedition as set forth in the itinerary. (The number of guests per room is the same as the ship's cabin space). Owing to the limited availability, the travelers booking a suite aboard will be given a standard room in the hotel
  • Accommodation aboard with daily cleaning service
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner aboard. (Please let us know about any feeding requirement as soon as possible). Unfortunately, the kitchens of the ships cannot prepare kosher food (in accordance with Jewish dietary laws)
  • All coastal landings and excursions on Zodiac ships are scheduled according to a daily program
  • The guide throughout the trip will be a skilled Expedition Leader, even in the coastal landings and other activities
  • The formal and informal presentations by the Expedition Team and guest speakers will be made according to the program
  • Photographic album on DVD
  • Water-proof expedition boots will be lent for coastal landings
  • Hairdryers in each cabin
  • Coffee, tea, cocoa and mineral water are available 24 hours a day
  • All necessary materials before departure, including a map and an informative Antarctic Reader
  • Group transfers from the hotel to the ship at the embarkation port, and from the ship to the local airport after disembarking, plus all baggage handling aboard
  • All taxes of miscellaneous services and port expenses during the program
  • Evacuation Insurance in case of Emergency for all passengers up to US$100,000 per person

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