Australis in 4 days
From Ushuaia to Punta Arenas

This Australis trip can be 4 nights with Vía Australis or 3 nights at the the Stella Australis. The tours are similar, the first two days are the same, in the third day the Stella Australis reaches the Aguila Glacier, Nena and Seno De Agostini, instead the Via Australis goes to Pia, Nena and Garibaldi Glacier, on the Via Australis also reaches Piloto, Nena, Aguila and Seno De Agostini Glacier and the last days before arriving in Punta Arenas both trips goes to Isla Magdalena. Summarizing, the Via Australis visits Pia, Garibaldi, Piloto and Nena Glacier in the shortest journey in the Stella Australis will not get to visit.

Australis in 4 days - Stella Australis

4 days - 3 nights

Navigating Cape Hornos from Ushuaia to Punta Arenas, crossing the cold Waters in the Magallanes Strait and Beagle Chanel.

Australis in 4 days - Stella Australis

4 days - 3 nights

From Ushuaia to Punta Arenas

This circuit is shorter than the other program offered by Australis Cruises. We will start the voyage in the southern city of the World, Ushuaia, so then we can go to the south limit port in Chile and South America, Punta Arenas. We will start this trip by crossing the Beagle Chanel, a marine way ruled by the sea which divides the big island of Tierra del Fuego from some southern islands such as Stewart, O´Brien, Gordon and Nueva, among others. We will continue our journey in the Australis Cruise on the Murray Chanel, a sea way which joins the Beagle Chanel and Nassau Bay in the middle of the ocean. We will finally arrive to the southern place in the World connected to Latin America: Cape Hornos. This point has been the main objective of the ancient ships which wanted to comercialize around the World, even when this Waters were known as extremely dangerous because of the intense winds, strong waves and impressive icebergs. After our arrival, we will disembark in Wulaia Bay, an archaelogical place which was home of one of the greatest tribes in the region a long time ago: the Yámanas. It was in this very same bay that Fitz Roy, who discovered the Beagle Chanel, found the main anglican mission with the famous english naturalist Charles Darwin, during his second expedition.

We will take again our navigation in order to look for the Gunther Plüschow Glacier. The name of this glacier was given in honor to the german pilot Gunther Plüschow who flew over the Darwin mountain chain and he landed in Punta Arenas in his Aircraft named "Feuerlnd" (Tierra del Fuego). Later on we will go to Seno Chico so we can disembark in our Zodiac boats to appreciate the great millenial volume of ice of the Piloto and Nena glaciers. We will start the final journey of our crossing on board the Australis cruise by disembarking in Magdalena Island. This chilean island is very famous because it is home for one of the most distinguished group of penguins known as a Natural Monument Los Pingüinos, together with the small island Marta. Another of the most important attractions in the island is the lighthouse, an old one declared as National Historical Monument, which helps to those navigators who cross the Strait of Magallanes. We will end this journey in the city of Punta Arenas, known as "the chilean capital in Patagonia". This city is famous because of the port in which we will disembark, the southern port in the south region of Chile and South America. Once we disembark, we will have the opportunity to tour this European stylish city, that can be noticed because of its architecture and unic design, which cannot be found in any other region in the country.

Day 1 - Ushuaia

During the first hours in the afternoon we will do the check in in the city of Ushuaia, so we can embark in one of the expedition ships of Australis: Via or Stella. We will set sail from the most southern city in the World, Ushuaia, crossing the famous Beagle Chanel, going through Cape Hornos, and then navigating the Strait of Magallanes to finally arrive to our final port: Punta Arenas. The Beagle Channel is a marine way, which was originated by different stages during the quaternary glaciations period, which was later ruled by the sea. It is defined in the north by Ushuaia and the other extremes are defined by some islands such as the Stewart, O´Brien, Gordon, Navarino e Nueva, among others. The southern region of the southamerican continent, that limits to the north with the Drake Passage, also known as the Hoces Sea, is the well-known Cape Hornos. This sea is distinguished for separate the american continente from the Antarctic Peninsula. The pasaje which joins the two biggest mass of water in the World (Pacific and Atlantic Ocean), is the famous Strait of Magallanes. It is located in the middle of Tierra del Fuego and some other islands of the Pacific Ocean and the Chilean Patagonia, it has an strategic location in the south limit of South America.

Day 2 - Cape Horn & Wulaia Bay

According to our fixed route, we will continue navigating by the Beagle Chanel and Murray Chanel, so then we can try to disembark (if weather conditions allows us to) and appreciate the nature beauties in the National Park Cape Hornos. We can realise about our arrival to this southern point, once we come accross with a 400 metres high hill. This place marks the most distant limit of the Group of the "fueguinas" islands, which is the most southern point in South America. It is also the point that defines the north extreme of the Drake Passage, it a sea which divides the American continent of the Antarctic Peninsula.

The National Park is located in the "End of the World", has been declared as a Biosphere Reserve in the 2005 by the UNESCO. During sunset, we will disembark in Wulaia Bay, current archaelogical place which was home of one of the most greatest tribes in the region a long time ago: the Yámanas. It was in this very same bay that Fitz Roy, who discovered the Beagle Chanel, found the main anglican mission during his second expedition with the famous english naturalista Charles Darwin. During our tour along the bay, we will have the opportunity to appreciate its magnificent flora and geography. We will do a trekking in the "magallánico" woods which will be waiting with a great quantity of floral species like lengas, coihues, ferns, among others, and then we will arrive to a viewpoint where we will have an Amazing view.

Day 3 - Seno Agostini & Aguila Glacier

We will navigate the waters of different channels, such as Brecknock, Occasion, Cockburn and Magdalena with the main objective to get to the Seno Agostini. This is a fjord located in the region of Magallanes and the Chilean Antarctic territory, its characteristic is long and narrow, has steep walls on deep water. Divides the two sectors of the Mountain Range Darwin, the mountainous area called Navarro in the southwestern with a predominant presence of ice and the mountain range that covers Monte Buckland in the far north, named after an exceptional Italian explorer Alberto de Agostini. In the afternoon we will sail towards Aguila Glacier to disembark and walk along the Antarctic-Patagonian forest, an extremely wet and cold place, finally we will meet the Águila Glacier located in the Alberto de Agostini National Park. It is worth making the trek in this majestic place where we can feel that we are very small in the middle of this amazing place.

Day 4 - Magdalena Island & Punta Arenas

During our last day of navigation we will go to Island Magdalena to try to make a disembark at the beginning of the day. This natural spot is distinguished for being the Natural Monument Los Pingüinos together with the small island Marta, one of the most outstanding group of penguins in the Chilean Patagonia. Another important attraction in the island is its lighthouse, an old one declared as a National Historial Monument which guides the navigators who go through the Strait of Magallanes. We will do a trekking to this high and illuminated tower to appreciate all the natural charm that the region offers, among them the important group of "magallánico" penguins. If we do this expedition crossing during September and April, we will replace this experience with a descent to Island Marta to enjoy watching the seals which we will be able to watch from our zodiac boats. This replacement is done because the groups of penguins in the mating period only stay in the island from October to March, every year. We will end our sea expedition by disembarking in the city of Punta Arenas when midday comes.

Optionally this itinerary can be extended to 8 days

Australis in 8 days Round Trip - Ushuaia-Ushuaia

When you get to Punta Arenas on the fourth day you can extend this program to 8 days, putting together the itinerary Australis in 5 days One Way that leaves from Punta Arenas to Ushuaia, generating an 8 days / 7 night’s trip called Australis in 8 days Round Trip. The costs of the cabins are detailed below.

Map of Route

 Australis in 4 days - Stella Australis


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  • Carriage according to itinerary
  • Meals including drinks, beer or wine
  • Shore Excursions
  • Entertainment on board
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  • Laundry
  • Onboard Communications

Season 2017-2018

Prices: M/N Stella Australis 4 days One Way USH-PUQ
Cabins Promotional Low High
B 1.189 USD 1.486 USD 1.895 USD
A 1.595 USD 1.988 USD 2.440 USD
AA 1.674 USD 2.084 USD 2.554 USD
AAA 1.753 USD 2.181 USD 2.679 USD
AA SUPERIOR 2.108 USD 2.627 USD 3.183 USD
AAA SUPERIOR 2.207 USD 2.749 USD 3.338 USD
Departures: M/N Stella Australis 4 days One Way USH-PUQ
DEPARTURES Stella Australis 3 Nights USH-PUQ
OCTOBER 2017 4 11 18 25
NOVEMBER 2017 1 8 15 22 29
DICEMBER 2017 6 13 20 27  
JANUARY 2018 3 10 17 24 31
FEBRUARY 2018 7 14 21 28
MARCH 2018 7 14 21 28  
APRIL 2018 4

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