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Northern Ice Field
Chonos route

The Chonos Route explores the Northern Ice Field, which is located in the Southern Patagonia. Its area is 4400 km2, 100 kms long from north to south and it is 40 kms wide from east to west, its ice cover approximately 70 glaciers. This mass of ice is the place where the closest glacier to the Equator that descends to the sea, the San Rafael Glacier which covers 15 km, between Monte San Valentín to the homonymus lagoon.

Northern Ice Field - Chonos Route: Skorpios II

6 days - 5 nights

San Rafael Glacier & Quitralco: The Northern Ice Fields.

Northern Ice Field - Chonos Route: Skorpios II

The M/N Skorpios II Motor Ship

was built in 1988 by the very same shipyards of the Kochifas family. The ship is 70 metres long and 10 metres beam, and almost 3 metres of draught. Its cabins are decorated with wood which are distribuited in 5 decks, all of them with private bathroom, TV LCD and background music. Accommodations can be marital or twin cabin. The ship offers two stylish bar rooms, one of them is the main dinning-room or Quitralco room allowed for smokers and the other one is the San Rafael Bar allowed for non smokers.

The M/N Skorpios II can accommodate 130 passengers, il sets sail every Saturday and returns on Tuesdays, and it has exits from september to may. It sets sail from the port station of Skorpios in Puerto Montt, the most important city in the Lakes District, which dates from 1853 and it is located in front of the Seno of Reloncaví.

During the crossing, the crew will give all their experience and you will be able to enjoy an excelent level in their gastronomy for discerning people, thanks to the chef who will make you taste delicious regional dishes which are elaborated with shellfish and regional meats, respecting the culinary tradition of the Patagonia, where spider crab, mussel, oyster, salmon, corvina, sea bass and conger eel, and also curanto a traditional dish in the millenial gastronomy of Chiloé, which will be allways go with the excellent company of chilean fine wines, which are considered like one of the best in the world.

6 days - 5 nights

Day 1 - From the Llanquihue Archipelago, Calbuco city, Gulf of Ancud to Gulf of Corcovado

The M/N Skorpios II ferry sets sail from the chilean city of Puerto Montt, in the Lakes District so we can start the Chonos Route´s navigation (San Rafael Glacier). Puerto Montt is the capital of Llanquihue province and the X Lakes´ Region. We will leave the Archipelago of Llanquihue which is famous because of its lake that is the most important tourist centre in the area. We will be able to sight the old city of Calbuco, which dates from 1603, it belongs to the same region. Later, the navigation route will go to the Gulf of Ancud that divides the Chiloé Island and the Archipelago of the Greater Island of Chiloé from the continent, leaving the Gulf of Corcovado aside.

Day 2 - Navigating along the Moraleda and Ferronave channels.

Today we will sail along the Moraleda and Ferronave Channels. The Moraleda Channel not only divides the Archipelago of Chonos from the Magdalena Island, but also from all the chilean continent. After some hours of navigation, we will arrive at Puerto Aguirre, a picturesque village of fishermen, so we can visit the Ferronave, Pilcomayo and Costa channels, after midday. During the afternoon, we will anchor in Caleta Hualas or Punta Leopardos, very close to San Rafael´s Glacier. This glacier is the biggest between the other glaciers in the Northern Ice Fields, it keeps active the homonymous lagoon and thanks to that, it empties in the Moraleda channel

Day 3 - San Rafael Lagoon, Témpanos Channel and San Rafael Glacier

Very early in the morning, we will cross the San Rafael waters and the Témpanos Channel. During the morning, the ferry will come into the lagoon to anchor at only 2 kilometres far from the San Rafael Glacier. Before midday, we will embark on boats to enjoy and watch the ice floes which give life to this amazing landscape, as long as the weather conditions will allow us to. In the afternoon, we will get closer even more to the glacier and finally we will go to Quitralco Fjord.

Day 4 - Quitralco Fjord, Chiloé, Moraleda and Pérez Norte Channels

On our fourth day route, the Quitralco Fjord will be waiting for us, which we will enjoy very close so we can know it while we are navigating on rubber boats. After breakfast, we will be able to take advantage of hot baths with an average temperature close to 32ºC. In the afternoon, we will go to Chiloé Island to explore the Moraleda and Pérez Norte channels. The Moraleda Channel gets wider in its two branches, Costa and Estero Elefantes.

Day 5 - Gulf of Corcovado, Estero de Castro.

We will cross the Gulf of Corcovado, so we can have the possibility to watch blue whales or alfaguara. We will continue our route navigation going round the west coast of Chiloé to Yal Channel so we can disembark in the seaside coast of Estero de Castro to go visit it. At night we will go back to the ship so we can embark in Puerto Montt along the Lemy, Dalcahue and Quicaví channels while we get ready for the dinner and the farewell party in which there will be a ball.

Day 6 - Puerto Montt

We will dock very early in the Skorpios Terminal in the port of Angelmó. Once we got our breakfast, we will disembark saying goodbye to this adventure along the Northern Ice Fields.

Season M/N Skorpios II 2019-2020

Prices: Northern Ice Fields - Route Chonos - 2019-2020
SINGLE Low 3.000 USD
High 3.350 USD
DOUBLE Low 2.070 USD 2.170 USD 2.220 USD
High 2.270 USD 2.370 USD 2.420 USD
TRIPLE Low 1.670 USD 1.770 USD 1.820 USD
High 1.770 USD 1.870 USD 1.920 USD
High 2.520 USD 2.520 USD
QUADRUPLE Low 1.470 USD 1.570 USD 1.620 USD
High 1.570 USD 1.670 USD 1.720 USD
High 2.670 USD
High 2.870 USD
Departures: Northern Ice Fields - Route Chonos - 2019-2020
Season Low
SEP 2019 15
OCT 2019 05 12 19 26
NOV 2019 02 09 16 23 30
DIC 2019 07 14  
MAR 2020 07 14 21 28  
ABR 2020 04 11 18 25
Season High
DIC 2019 19 21 28
ENE 2020 04 11 18 25
FEB 2020 01 08 15 22

Map of Route

 Northern Ice Field - Chonos Route: Skorpios II

General information

Datos importantes para tener en cuenta

Tasa de Embarque

No se debe abonar ningún impuesto portuario durante la navegación, sólo se paga la tasa de embarque, que es de aproximadamente 10 U$.

Telefonía Satelital

A bordo del barco hay telefonía satelital, se puede hablar a cualquier parte del mundo, de acuerdo a la tarifa correspondiente a cada destino.


El voltaje a bordo es de 220 volts AC (50 ciclos)


Se recomienda llevar vestimenta necesaria para las excursiones, como ser zapatillas de trekking, parka o campera impermeable, gorro, bufanda, anteojos para sol, protector solar. El traje de baño es aconsejable llevarlo para los que hacen la travesía en el M/N Skorpios II. También se debe llevar zapatos cómodos para usarlos en el barco y zapatos gruesos (borceguíes) para las salidas o para la cubierta del barco. Se puede llevar ropa formal para la noche de gala. El barco no ofrece el servicio de corte de pelo a los tripulantes, si hay servicio de limpieza de ropa liviana (lavandería).


En la Ruta Chonos durante la primavera y el otoño la temperatura ronda entre los 5° y los 20° C, en el verano la temperatura se eleva un poco, oscilando entre los 10° y los 25° C, pudiendo existir algunos Days que supere la temperatura máxima. En la Ruta Kaweskar la temperatura en época primaveral y otoñal es aún más baja, promediando los 8°, en cambio en verano el clima es muy similar en ambas rutas.

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