Navimag Cruise - The Chilean fjords

The voyage in the other direction from Port Montt also takes four days visiting the Morelada Canal, Errázuriz, Costa, Pulluche until the Gulf of Penas. Highlights of the voyage include the Pío XI Glacier, one of the largest in South America, and Port Edén. Our destination is Port Natales with the opportunity to visit the Torres del Paine National Park.

Chilean Fjords Southern Route

4 days - 3 nights

The inverse navigation to the Northern Route by the Chilean canals and fiords aboard the Navimag ferries until Port Natal.

Chilean Fjords Southern Route

4 days - 3 nights

Day 1 - Port Montt to the Gulf of Corcovado

We commence our voyage from Port Angelmó in Port Montt. After a welcoming and introductory talk we weigh anchor and leave by the Reloncaví estuary, arriving at night time in the Corcovado Gulf.

Day 2 - Moraleda Canal, Errázuriz, Costa, Pulluche until the Gulf of Penas

By the first light of dawn on our second day we navigate by the Moraleda Canal, which is one of the deepest parts of our voyage. We then continue by the Errázuriz canal and Costa before arriving at the Pulluche Canal which has the most dense and attractive vegetation protected by thousand year old forests of Cypresses and Lengas. Here we should see dolphins, sea lions and wild birds. In the afternoon we enter into the Pacific Ocean in the Gulf of Penas where there is a possibility of seeing the hump backed whales.

Day 3 - Canal Messier, Puerto Edén & Glaciar Pío Xl

Our third day begins with the crossing of fiords and entering the Messier Canal, with a depth of 1270 metres the deepest of the region. Here it is possible to make out the cargo boat 'Capitan Leonidas' that went aground on a practically submerged island called 'bajo Cotopaxi' in the early seventies. It is now used as a navigational warning point. We continue our crossing until Angostura Inglesa with the aim of going to Port Edén on the Island of Wellington, one of the largest Chilean Islands.

Here there is the largest Chilean Park with its Magallánicos forests and Campos de Hielo Sur (Southern Ice fields). In the middle of the afternoon we will be able to see the imposing presence of the Glaciar Pío XI with its 1,265 square kilometre area, 6 kilometres of frontage and height of 100 metres and that is in full advance in contrast to the regression of most of the world's glaciers due to global warming. This is the route that travelled the first of the Kaweskar aborigines that inhabited this region. In Port Edén there are still descendants of the primitive indigenous peoples. On the Islands grow evergreens by the name of coihué that are used for thatching.

Day 4 - Angostura White & Puerto Natales

At daybreak on the fourth day we sail along the Sarmiento Canal until we come up against the very narrow straits of Angostura White which are only 80 metres wide. The boat passes by the Seno Unión until we finally reach Port Natales, the culmination of this interesting voyage of the Patagonian Canals. The name Natales comes from the latin 'Natalis' which signifies a bird and dates back to its foundation in the early 20th century.

RATES Season High 2017-2018 (from: 1-NOVEMBER-2017 to: 31-MARCH-2018)
CABINAS AAA 1.950 USD 1.050 USD - - -
CABINAS AA 1.700 USD 930 USD 860 USD 750 USD 750 USD
CABINAS A 1.500 USD 760 USD 670 USD 550 USD 550 USD
CABINAS BB 1.500 USD 760 USD 670 USD 550 USD 550 USD
BUNK BED CC 780 USD 600 USD 500 USD 450 USD 450 USD
BUNK BED C - - - - 400 USD
RATES Season Low 2017 (from: 1-APRIL-2017 to: 31-OCTOBER-2017)
CABINAS AAA 1.050 USD 850 USD - - -
CABINAS AA 900 USD 650 USD 460 USD 400 USD 400 USD
CABINAS A 700 USD 550 USD 400 USD 350 USD 350 USD
CABINAS BB 700 USD 550 USD 400 USD 350 USD 350 USD
BUNK BED CC 700 USD 500 USD 400 USD 350 USD 350 USD
BUNK BED C - - - - 350 USD
Cabina AAA 2 personas, con ventana, baño interior
Cabina AA 4 personas, con ventana, baño interior
Cabina A 4 personas, sin ventana, baños exterior privado
Cabina BB 4 personas, con ventana, baños exteriores generales
Litera CC 4 personas, sin ventana, baños exteriores generales
Litera C Dormitorio compartido 22 personas, baños exteriores generales
VEHÍCULO Puerto Montt - Puerto Natales Puerto Natales - Puerto Montt
Camioneta, Jeep o Station Wagon $ 340.000 CLP CON IVA $ 190.000 CLP CON IVA
Automovil Sedan o City Car $ 320.000 CLP CON IVA $ 190.000 CLP CON IVA
Moto $ 99.000 CLP CON IVA $ 99.000 CLP CON IVA

Departures (Season High from: 01-11-2017 to: 31-03-2018)

  • Check-in: Friday from 9:00 to 13:00 hrs.
  • Boarding: Friday until 17:00 hrs.
  • Set Sail: Friday at 20:00 hrs.
  • Check-in: Monday (before the departure day) from 9:00 hrs to 18:30 hrs.
  • Boarding: Monday (before the departure day) at 21:00 hrs.
  • Set Sail: Tuesday at 6:00 pm.

Map of Route

 Chilean Fjords Southern Route

General information

Departures every Wednesday of the year

Anmerkung:The itinerary includes accommodation according to the chosen category. They are included all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). All itineraries are subject to change depending on the prevailing weather conditions.


The ruling climate on the Navimag navigation routes is sea drizzle with annual rainfall between 2,000 and 4,000 millimetres and low temperatures with little change over the whole area.

How to arrive

At Port Montt it is posible to arrive by bus, car or aeroplane. For those that arrive by bus, the Navimag company offices are about 5 minutes from the terminal. The 'El Tepual' airport is 16 kms away and there are taxis and minibuses that go to the city centre.

¿Where to go for embarkation? 

Puerto Montt: Av Angelmó n° 1735, Ferry Terminal.

Puerto Natales: Pedro Montt n° 308.

Puerto Chacabuco: In the Ferry Terminal.

In the supposed case of having a ticket it is possible to embark directly.


Rebates to be effective to be validated by presenting identity card or student certificate (in the case of students) and must be requested prior to check-in and must be clarified in the reserve. Discounts for Seniors (over 60) and students are valid even in low and high season. The shipping company reserves the right to change tariffs and itineraries at the time it deems appropriate.

Children under 2 years   ... ... ... .   80%
Children between 2 and 12 years   ... ... ... .   20%
Adults older than 60   ... ... ... .   15%
Students   ... ... ... .   10%

Trip delay

To request the postponement of the trip it must be made in writing with a minimum of two Days and must pay 10% of the ticket value. Within 2 Days of departure may be delayed trip but in this case you must pay half of the ticket value.


Passengers may cancel, be subject to the following deductions from the total value of the passage:

  1. 15 Days before the date of the trip, 10% retention
  2. Between 14 Days and 5 Days before the start, 30% retention
  3. From 4 Days to 2 Days, 70% retention 
  4. Between 48 hours and the beginning of the trip, 90% retention
  5. After the start of the trip, 100% retention

The percentages of withholding shall be made on the total value of the passage reserved.