Navimag Cruise - Southern Route

The perfect alternative to get to know the Carretera Austral in just three days is to join the ferry with your vehicle at Puerto Montt and disembark at Chacabuco. This voyage combines some awesome landscapes with the infinite beauty of the canals, lagoons, fiords, islands etc.

Austral Road

2 days - 1 nights

From Puerto Montt to Puerto Chacabuco in 2 days and from Puerto Montt to Puerto Chacabuco in 2 days.

Austral Road

2 days - 1 nights

From Puerto Montt to Puerto Chacabuco in 2 days

Day 1 - Port Chacabuco to Port Montt

This voyage commences at Port Chacabuco, a small town of only 2,000 inhabitants that is the sea entrance port for the region of Aysén. It has a temperate climate with high rainfall. It is the most important terminal for transshipment and ships in the southern zone. Here we encounter hot springs, thousand year old forests, imposing glaciers and innumerable canals, fiords, lagoons and islands with a rich marine life.

Day 2 - Arrival at Port Montt

We pass through the Seno de Reloncaví in order to dock at the busy port of Angelmó in the city of Port Montt whose first inhabitants exploited the production of larch wood.

From Puerto Chacabuco to Puerto Montt in 2 days

Day 1 - Port Montt to Port Chacabuco

Port Montt is found in a spectacular bay and is flanked on the western side by the Tenglo Island. It is the meeting point of the southern zones of General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo y Magallanes. Strategically it is the best starting place for the touristic regions of southern Chile. Port Montt is also known for its seaport that connects the north with the southern austral.

Day 2 - Arrival at Port Chacabuco

Port Chacabuco is the key port of the Carretera Austral (Southern route) in that it is the unique connecting point between Port Montt and the South of Chile. It is close to the San Raphael Lagoon that is listed as a world patrimonial biosphere site. The voyage itinerary takes us by icebergs, the enchanting areas such as the San Raphael Lagoon and the natural zones of the XI region of Aysén. One of the main attractions is the San Valentin glacier that is in plain regression and is suffering continuous detachments of ice. There are also hot springs, spectacular scenery of fiords and canals and a number of islands rich in marine life. Port Chacabuco, that has a population less than 2,000, is a zone with a temperate climate with high rainfall.

Map of Route

 Austral Road

General information

Departures from Puerto Montt to Puerto Chacabuco every Tuesday and Friday of the year and from Puerto Montt to Puerto Chacabuco every Wednesday and Saturday throughout the year.

Anmerkung:The fare package includes billeting according to the elected category. Included are all the meals such as breakfasts, lunches and dinners. All the itineraries are subject to modification and are dependent upon ruling meteorological conditions.


The ruling climate on the Navimag navigation routes is sea drizzle with annual rainfall between 2,000 and 4,000 millimetres and low temperatures with little change over the whole area.

How to arrive

At Port Montt it is posible to arrive by bus, car or aeroplane. For those that arrive by bus, the Navimag company offices are about 5 minutes from the terminal. The 'El Tepual' airport is 16 kms away and there are taxis and minibuses that go to the city centre.

¿Where to go for embarkation? 

Puerto Montt: Av Angelmó n° 1735, Ferry Terminal.

Puerto Natales: Pedro Montt n° 308.

Puerto Chacabuco: In the Ferry Terminal.

In the supposed case of having a ticket it is possible to embark directly.


Rebates to be effective to be validated by presenting identity card or student certificate (in the case of students) and must be requested prior to check-in and must be clarified in the reserve. Discounts for Seniors (over 60) and students are valid even in low and high season. The shipping company reserves the right to change tariffs and itineraries at the time it deems appropriate.

Children under 2 years   ... ... ... .   80%
Children between 2 and 12 years   ... ... ... .   20%
Adults older than 60   ... ... ... .   15%
Students   ... ... ... .   10%

Trip delay

To request the postponement of the trip it must be made in writing with a minimum of two Days and must pay 10% of the ticket value. Within 2 Days of departure may be delayed trip but in this case you must pay half of the ticket value.


Passengers may cancel, be subject to the following deductions from the total value of the passage:

  1. 15 Days before the date of the trip, 10% retention
  2. Between 14 Days and 5 Days before the start, 30% retention
  3. From 4 Days to 2 Days, 70% retention 
  4. Between 48 hours and the beginning of the trip, 90% retention
  5. After the start of the trip, 100% retention

The percentages of withholding shall be made on the total value of the passage reserved.

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