We go to away to the streams to get to know the different animal species living there and in the surroundings and interpreting their life cycle in such an important fresh water reserve.

Classical Iberá Wetlands

4 days - 3 nights

We will stay in a farm with all services included to spend our days in connection with the habitat of many bird species, mammals, amphibious, reptiles, fish and insects, together with floral life quite present in this region. Here we will be doing some horseback riding around this marvelous environment surrounded by an eye-catching mystery, some walks along the trails that will take us to the reserve and, the perfect end, a night safari where we will be astonished to see the animals going out at night and hear its incomparable sounds and noises.

A stay in a farm located near the shore of this great Iberá wetland, with a complete and outstanding service that will make us feel part of this environment, and whose aim is to show us the importance of streams and savannahs together with the autochthonous fauna. We will be in permanent contact with its environment: early 20th century trees, flowers, lagoons, and its shy visitors who approach to feed or just to stay there and interact with the environment.

Classical Iberá Wetlands

4 days - 3 nights

  • Accommodation Double Room with breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Transfer IN OUT APT/HTL/APT
  • Private excursions with guide Spanish English
  • Entrance fees to national parks
  • Bilingual English Spanish Guide

Day 1 - Iberá Streams & Learning to take of Nature

We will go to Jorge Newbery Airport. We will be welcomed at Posadas Airport and we will head for the lodge.

Once there, we will be assisted by the staff that will give us a talk about this great wetland in the Mesopotamian region: the ecosystem of Iberá Streams. We will be told about its origin, characteristics, and also the wildlife, which is very much protected by the Land Trust Preservation Foundation. During our 4 days there, we will learn about this important environment —streams and savannah.

Then we will have time for lunch and, afterwards, walk around the Lodge accompanied at all times by the guide that will show us the dam, gardens and vegetable garden to get used to the natural landscape that will surround us during our stay. We will walk freely around trees, native plants and some other species such as azaleas and roses dating back the 20th century. We could also watch and be dazzled by the variety of colors of lapacho trees in the park, as well as in the woodland during the months of August and September. We will enjoy the small lagoon having a unique and particular charm due to the surrounding wildlife, where we will watch capybaras, "friendly" alligators and a great number of birds living in the area.

At dawn, we will get ready to do some horse riding and sail along the coast of the stream while going round the "jabirú trail." We will go riding for about one hour and get to the coast of the stream, where we will watch deer, guazunchos, species of armadillo and birds like jaribús which are up to 1.60 meters height. We will get back to the Lodge and get ready for dinner.

Day 2 - Sailing along Iberá Lagoon

Breakfast at the Lodge. We will go to the American thatched barbecue area beside the dock, more than 20 km from the lodge. There we will taste fine meat and, of course, drink Argentine wine and eat home made bread, fresh salads prepared from vegetables grown in the lodge and the not-to-be-missed dessert.

Once there, we will go around the center of the lagoon, either on boat or canoe, as the guide tells us secrets of each of the animal and plant species we watch. We will find alligators and marshes deer.

Then we will go to the information center in Iberá Provincial Reserve, where we will learn more about the local wildlife. Besides, we will also walk along the monkey trail and its gallery forest —a view we cannot missed due to its natural beauty. We will go back to the lodge to have dinner.

Day 3 - Night Safari and Walks

Breakfast at the Lodge. We will set out in the morning to have a walk, during which we will see the footprints of our gaucho people, harness activity and cattle raising. As we walk around the area, we will find the dams, badlands (which are beside the streams), stumps of espinillo, and plenty of vegetation -fauna and flora that has adapted to this environment.

Besides, we will see clusters of palms, a garden of capybaras, big rodents that go around the area, and also the short grass cut by these animals, which is typical of this stream area. We will go through a zigzag path and, in order to enjoy this trip to the full, it is necessary to use binoculars to discover wildlife species, which will undoubtedly amaze us with its particular habits. Given the climate conditions on our side, we could enjoy a night safari on off-road vehicles to watch the local fauna and learn about its night behavior.

Day 4 - Iberá Wetlands

Breakfast in the stay. We will prepare us to split to our next destination. End of our services.

Iberá Marshlands Climate

The lodge is located in a subtropical region where the climate in summer is very warm with cool nights; spring and autumn have a mild climate and in winter (from June to September) temperatures are around 20-28 degrees at the most. We should take into account that, at night, temperature goes down in this season of the year.

What we should take to the lodge ?

Mosquito repellant, Sun protector, Raincoat and light sweater (for summer) and warm clothes (for winter). Sport shoes Rubber boots (for rainy days), leggings (to ride a horse), light backpack to use during the full-day excursions. Binoculars Cap or hat Gloves (for winter)

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