Chalten Adventure Trekking Vip

A unique trekking in El Chalten, nine days discovering the best trails to Mount Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre and Laguna Torre, besides the adventure in the Viedma Glacier, climbing until arriving at the international milestone with Chile. A VIP journey do that we will always sleep on hostel and always return to the scenic village surrounded by the Andes mountains.

Adventure Trekking Chalten

9 days - 8 nights

Fitz Roy Trekking is an intense level walk that goes through the trails of Los Glaciares National Park, especially the north of Cerro Fitz Roy in El Chalten. We will walk the trails of the northern area of Los Glaciares National Park.

Adventure Trekking Chalten

The tour begins with our arrival at El Calafate in the province of Santa Cruz in Patagonia, Argentina. After the first day we get ready for our big adventure, we will go to Los Glaciares National Park in the village of Chalten in the geographical border with Chile, on the edge of the Andes mountain range. We will cross 220 kilometers of arid and rugged Patagonia. We will start the trail to Laguna Capri taking the path that goes up the Rio Blanco (White River). We will reach the viewpoint after 2 hours of trekking, and being able to observe the Glaciar and lagoon Piedras Blancas, beautiful glacier that apears between the mountains. We will arrive to a beautiful water mirror called Laguna Capri, after a quiet walk without much effort through a well-defined path, with a vertical drop of 200 meters. We will return to the village to spend the night.

On the second day of trekking we will go to Laguna de los Tres. This step is more demanding because of the sheer having a steep and rocky terrain slope. If we are lucky to get there with sun, the lagoon will shine with its beautiful purple color. In the distance we can spot the lagoons Madre e Hija, after a while we will return to El Chalten. In the fourth day of our adventure, we will go to Loma del Pliegue Tumbado. This trail has the best views of the entire park. From the viewpoint Pampa de las Carretas we can have the first image of the Fitz Roy and Torre and the dense ancient forests. Following the path we will see Lake Viedma, Huemul Hill, Paso del Viento along the Valle del Rio Tunel (River Valley Tunel), which is considered the entrance to the Continental Ice. On the fifth day of trekking we will head to Lago del Desierto (Desert Lake) bordering the Rio de Las Vueltas (Spin River) before we do a navigation, we will do a short hike to discover the Lagoon & Glaciar Huemul, we will return to Punta Sur to embark on the catamaran that will take us through the icy waters of Lago del Desierto (commonly misnamed Lagoon of the Desert) from Punta Sur to Punta Norte.

Here we will land to do our second day trekking to Laguna Larga on the international border with Chile. Then we will go back to the boat to Punta Sur and from there go to El Chalten to rest. In the beginning of the sixth day we will go to Lagoon Cerro Torre. This hill is about 3,128 meters above sea level and is considered one of the most difficult mountains to climb worldwide. The trekking to Cerro Torre is done on glacial grounds you can see the south face of the hill, the Torre Egger and Standhard, the Aguja Bifica, the Paso del Hombre Sentado a rare view of Fitz Roy from a west position. We will continue this intense trekking in the fourth episode of the program we will have to get to the Glaciar Grande (Great Glacier), named by mistake, Torre Glaciar. We will start climbing up the trail, when we reached the river we will cross it with the Tyrolean.

We will meet the brunette and will put on the crampons to advance on the walls of the glacier. We will hike through the ice. The use of crampons is mandatory to avoid accidents. We will practice climbs and descents and enjoy the white and turquoise colors that glow from the ice. In the evening we will return to the village. We are approaching the end of this adventure, we will do the last trekking of the program going to Piedra del Fraile and Glaciar Pollone, we will walk the same path that leads us to Lago del Desierto but we will stop at the bridge over the Rio Eléctrico (Electric River), from this point we will begin the walk.

Today is a quiet and short day after several agitated days. On our last day in El Chalten we will go to Bahia Tunel to navigate to the Viedma Glacier and begin our trek inside the glacier. It is another unforgettable day that sailed on Lake Viedma and then we will walk with crampons for the largest glacier in the region. At the end of the trek we will go to say goodbye to El Calafate. El Chaltén Adventure Trekking is a really great program impossible to forget.

9 days - 8 nights

Day 1 - El Calafate - El Chaltén

Reception in the morning at El Calafate airport and transfer to the bus station to take the shuttle to El Chalten. It is a village located on the west side of the province of Santa Cruz in the Argentinian Patagonia, situated in the inner part of Los Glaciares National Park, on the Andes Mountain Range. This little city is known as the Capital of Trekking. Along with the Torres del Paine are the most important hiking center of Patagonia. Our guide will be waiting for us at the bus station in El Chalten to take us to the lodge. Once we meet our mountain guide, we will start to prepare the necessary equipment to take on the first day of trekking.

  • Lodging: Hosteria or Inn, double or single room with private bathroom
  • From/To: El Calafate / El Chaltén

Day 2 - Trekking to Capri Lagoon

Breakfast at the hostel. This is going to be the first day of hiking the trails of Fitz Roy, we will start doing a mild to moderate trekking to Capri Lagoon. The trail begins on the north side of El Chalten, where San Martín Street ends. In the first part of the trekking the slope is slightly ascending, about 30 minutes of walking path we will reach a viewpoint that gives us a magnificent view of the valley of the River of Las Vueltas, then we will continue with the trekking until we enter the valley in the cerro Fitz Roy direction. The dense forest of lenga beech and Antarctic beech after nearly two hours of walking we will find a split of the road, we must take the left to get to our first destination: Capri Lagoon, the trail to the right will leads us to the base of Fitz Roy. After 3 or 4 hours of walk, we will return to the village to rest.

  • Lodging: Hosteria or Inn, double or single room with private bathroom
  • Meals: Breakfast, box lunch
  • From/To: El Calafate - El Chaltén
  • Duration: 3 a 4 hours
  • Difficulty: Mild to Moderate

Day 3 - Trekking to Laguna de los Tres: Cerro Fitz Roy

First thing in the morning breakfast at the lodge. We will go down the same path that takes us to Lagoon Capri but today the challenge is bolder because we already have a few hours of experience from the previous day. The first challenge of the trekking is the rise to the River Valley Salto. This time, when we get to the bifurcation we will take the right until the drainage area of the Mother and Daughter lagoons. We will pass through one of the camps mostly used by mountaineers, Camp Poincenot to cross the White River and leave footprints in another camp, only used by professionals such as Camp White. The road is uphill, with almost 410 meters of altitude, this trail will take us to the morena, this stretch may require 1 hour exigency.

The trail ends at the base of Cerro Fitz Roy where we will have a fantastic view of the lake and glacier. This is the closest point to the famous granite wall of the mountain and its surrounding delicate needles. We can descend the morena to follow a path that goes alongside the lake to its mouth, getting to see the Lagoon Sucia and the spectacular hanging glaciers. We will continue with our adventure to keep going up to the Lagoon of Los Tres, a very steep climb covered with stones. Is considered the most emblematic place of all Los Glaciares National Park, declared World Heritage Site for its sublime beauty. Finally we will return through another road that leads us to the Hosteria Del Pilar to enjoy another fantastic landscape. After this activity we will only rest after an exhausting but amazing day.

  • Lodging: Hosteria or Inn, double or single room with private bathroom
  • Meals: Breakfast, box lunch
  • From/To: El Chalten / Laguna de Los Tres / El Chalten
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Difficulty: Moderate to Heavy

Day 4 - Loma del Pliegue Tumbado

We will enjoy breakfast at the hostel. Pliegue Tumbado is located in the south of the River Fitz Roy. We will head to the entrance of the town, in the opposite side of the previous days, as if we we were going to the campsite in Lagoon del Toro. We will start the trekking and stepping into a fine southern Patagonian vegetation in a barren and clayey ground, where there is no bushes and trees on the road, along the way we have the spotless image of Cerro Fitz Roy and Torre. We are going to border the stream, and after a long while of trekking we will find a dense forest of beech and ñires we will leave the steppe to dive in the heart of the Andean vegetation. The shadow is reliving if it is a sunny day, then we will reach another junction, this time we turn to the right to go to Loma del Pliegue Tumbado.

When we climb the hill, we will clearly see the Viedma glacier and Viedma lagoon. After walking for a while, we will enter into a forest. When we leave the forest, we are going to be in a fairly broad course, as a pasture. And after a few minutes of walking we will find the turnoff to the right that will take us to Loma del Pliegue Tumbado. Immediately we will go up the hill from which we could see the glacier Viedma and Lagoon. We will continue along the trail ascending and guided by a stone walls. The final hill is very steep but we will need to put our maximum effort to enjoy the reward of a breathtaking view of Fitz Roy and Torre and its glacier and lagoon beside the glacier morena. You can also see Lake Viedma. This kind of walks is ideal to discover the Patagonian steppe, enjoying the Fitz Roy and Torre, valley glaciers and mix between magnificent mountains rising from the Patagonian Continental Ice.

  • Lodging: Hosteria or Inn, double or single room with private bathroom
  • Meals: Breakfast, box lunch
  • From/To: El Chaltén / Pliegue Tumbado / El Chaltén
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Difficulty: Moderate to Heavy

Day 5 - Trekking Huemul Glacier and Hito Border Lake Desert

We will have breakfast at the hostel. After three days of intense trekking we will take a well deserved break to recover. We take the morning to relax, in the afternoon we will visit the Desert Lake. This is one of the most beautiful tours that can be done in El Chalten. We will head along a gravel road that accompanies the River de las Vueltas for its rapids and its crystal clear waters.

The beautiful scenery is unique despite the desolate area, a forest of coniferous of beech and ñires, green vegetation and the eternal images of Fitz Roy and Torre along with glaciers and waterfalls. Is located on the international border with Chile. We need to go over the bridge to cross the White River. We continue down to the lake for about 20 km leaving on the way the Lagoon El Condor. Prior to navigation we will take a walk to the Lagoon & Glacier Huemuel. Then we will sail the lake from the South Point to North Point with the alternative of making a short trek to the viewpoint Sentinel. This navigation is always subject to weather conditions. At North Point we will do the second trekking of the day to Punta Norte on the border with the neighboring country.

Trekking to the Glacier and Lagoon Huemul

We will start from the parking lot at South Point; we will enter a private property, once on the path we will walk by a beech forest. Within 30 minutes of climbing we will approach an edge overlooking the river valley De Las Vueltas and Fitz Roy. We continue along the ridge and within 20 minutes we will discover the beautiful Huemul lagoon with crystal clear waters that are poured from melting glacier under the same name. The trail starts just behind the National Gendarmerie installations, where the forest begins near a small stream. The road begins to ascend, and as it gains altitude will discover the landscape behind us: Lake Desert in their full extent framed by Del Bosque and Vespignani laces with its hanging glaciers. The slope begins to decrease and the trail enters a beech forest very quiet and with little traffic.

Trekking to North Point of the Desert Lake: Chilean Border

The path we will take, crosses different bridges over a creek that leads into the Lagoon Larga. After 60 minutes of walk we will find a muddy field or mallín with high humidity, we need to go around it to pass through the last forested area on the rise. The landscape gives us a brilliant view of the Lagoon Larga that is trapped in this Fuegian forest. We finished with the activity arriving to the Landmark Boundary that is the dividing line of water that marks the border with Chile.

  • Lodging: Hotel, double or single room with private bathroom
  • Meals: Breakfast, box lunch
  • From/To: El Chaltén / Lago del Desierto / El Chaltén
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Difficulty: Mild

Day 6 - Trekking to Lagoon Torre

Breakfast at the Hotel. Today the trekking will intensify visiting the Lagoon Torre. We leave around 8:00 AM by any of the 2 paths that lead us to the lagoon, this paths after a few meters will be reunify before getting to the river valley Fitz Roy and trace the course of that water to its source. We will find the viewpoint of the Fitz Roy River Gorge, which guarantees a unique landscape of the hills Solo, Adela, Torre and the Mount Fitz Roy. In the other side of the river we can see the waterfall Margarita. When we approach the middle of the trekking we will approach a natural viewpoint overlooking Adela and Cerro Torre and granite needles. We reach base camp De Agostini and then minutes later Laguna Torre. This lake has numerous icebergs that are on its shores because of the detachment of the Great Glacier. We returned to the lodge to spend the night.

  • Lodging: Hotel, double or single room with private bathroom
  • Meals: Breakfast, box lunch
  • From/To: El Chaltén / Laguna Torre / El Chaltén
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Difficulty: Moderate to Heavy

Day 7 - Piedra del Fraile & Pollone Glacier

Breakfast at the hostel. We will approach to the bridge over the Electric, 16 km from the village to start the the trekking to Piedra del Fraile and Pollone Glacier. The trail begins before crossing the bridge orienting to the west, we will enter a dense forest of beech and other native conifers of the fueguina Patagonia. Now we will have spent half of the hike when we approach the Electric lake. We will turn to the left to advance to the river Pollone. After 30 minutes of walking this trail we will turn left again following the river towards Glacier Pollone and Fitz Roy. We continue walking to the source of the river Pollone in an area of unstable morenas that slow our way for safety issues. Once the objective of the day is approached we will start our way back to the village for a well deserved rest.

  • Lodging: Hotel, double or single room with private bathroom
  • Meals: Breakfast, box lunch
  • From/To: El Chaltén / Piedra del Fraile / El Chalten
  • Duration: 4 to 5 hours
  • Difficulty: Mild to Moderate

Day 8 - Trekking in Viedma Glacier

Breakfast at the inn. Today is one of the most expected days of the trekking. We will leave in the morning to the harbor at Bahia Tunel to navigate through the Lake Viedma towards the glacier homonymous. From the boat we will enjoy a great view of Fitz Roy and Huemul. We will approach Cape Horn at the southeastern end of the glaciers, the ship will turn to the west having an overwhelming view of the glacier. We will disembark in a rocky area, the mountain guides will prepare the equipment for the trekking, besides giving a quick explanation about the study of the glaciers. From this place we begin a short trek along the surface until the edge of the glacier, this is where we get the crampons to climb the glacier. The trek takes about 2 to 3 hours, where we will discover from crevices and caves to sinks. We will have a break for lunch. Please wear coat, gloves, sunglasses for intense reflection of glacier. The trekking shoes are provided on the boat.

  • Lodging: Hotel, double or single room with private bathroom
  • Meals: Breakfast, box lunch
  • From/To: El Chaltén / Glaciar Viedma / El Chaltén
  • Duration: 9 hours
  • Difficulty: Moderate

Day 9 - El Chalten - El Calafate

Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to Calafate airport. End of services.

  • Lodging: Hosteria or Inn, double or single room with private bathroom
  • Meals: Breakfast
  • From/To: Ushuaia / Ushuaia Airport



  • Mountain guide
  • Navigation of Viedma Lake
  • Transfers during the trekking by public and private transport
  • Accomodation

Not Included:

  • Entrance to the national parks
  • Medical insurance
  • Life Assurance
  • Tips
  • Drinks
  • Air tickets
  • Optional excursions and all services which are not included in the journey program

General information

Recommended gear for the trekking

The following is the suggest equipment and clothing required for the trekking:

  • 50 litre rucksack
  • Synthetic interior garments
  • Long Sleeved T-Shirt and another of cotton
  • Walking trousers
  • Under trousers without feet
  • Polar jumper
  • A pair of leggings and a pair of gloves
  • Two pairs of woolen socks
  • Two pairs of light socks
  • Walking shoes
  • Woolen hat (better woolen than fibre)
  • Sun visor
  • Hand and bath towel
  • Sun glasses
  • Sun cream protector
  • Torch
  • Walking sticks (fundamental)
  • Documents necessary to enter to Chile (Passport etc.)
  • Personal medicines

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