Patagonia trekking

We will hike in the Southern Patagonia and the North of Argentina & Chile, making a trekking in Los Glaciares, Paine and Tierra del Fuego National Parks.

Moderate Trekking - Patagonia Trekking Full
Moderate Trekking

Patagonia Trekking Full

This is the most complete Patagonian trekking program that combines the Glacier National Parks, Torres del Paine and Tierra del Fuego. From El Chaltén we walk ...

Intense Trekking - Patagonia Trekking Adventure Full
Intense Trekking

Patagonia Trekking Adventure Full

By joining together in Patagonia Trekking Full the trekkings of the two foremost glacier national parks, the National Park of Glaciers of Argentina and the National ...

Easy Trekking - Glaciers & Trekking Torres del Paine
Easy Trekking

Glaciers & Trekking Torres del Paine

The trekking has the best circuits of Fitz Roy and Torres del Paine from Laguna Capri or Laguna de los Tres to Loma del Pliegue Tumbado in the capital of trekking up to part ...

Easy Trekking - Torres del Paine & Tierra del Fuego Trekking
Easy Trekking

Torres del Paine & Tierra del Fuego Trekking

A journey full of trekking thought exclusively for those who have already gone through all the trails of the Fitz Roy and around El Chalten ...

Easy Trekking - Fitz Roy and Perito Moreno Glacier Trekking
Easy Trekking

Fitz Roy and Perito Moreno Glacier Trekking

This trekking is dedicated to the National Glacier Park making trails for the Lagoon Capri, the Fitz Roy Mountain Base and La Laguna ...

Easy Trekking - Trekking Patagonia Torres del Paine
Easy Trekking

Trekking Patagonia Torres del Paine

This trekking program covers the most traditional trails of the Torres del Paine National Park, from the trail to the Base of las Torres following the River Ascencio, until the Valle ...

Intense Trekking - The “W” of the Torres del Paine
Intense Trekking

The “W” of the Torres del Paine

The “W” is the circuit of the most important trails of the Torres del Paine National Park from the Base of Las Torres and the fantastic treks along the Valle del Francés ...

Intense Trekking - Patagonia trekking  Continental Ice
Intense Trekking

Patagonia trekking Continental Ice

This is the most hallucinating and magnificent ice trekking expedition in southern Patagonian. The great goal is to get to its entrance, the famous Circo de los Altares ...


Trekking categories according to the exigence:

We clasified the Patagonia trekking according to its exigence:

We present the next section: Trekking in Patagonia, where you will find itineraries and tours from the Northern Patagonia, until the Southern Patagonia, making a mix of destinations to do these walking between Argentina and Chile. Some programs are designed for very exigent persons, like the intense trips, where it is much experience is required in similar trekking like.

The Continental Ice Field or the Glaciers´ Route, being in an excellent shape and, of course, to want to make a trekking like this, where the tour areas are not easy to access, but it invites you to challenge the nature, without suffering any risk. There are also those for more adventurous people, where the hiking are moderate, which requires of a good shape condition and have done a similar trekking in intensity.

The paths and access are not difficult, but even that it is advisable to be well prepared, that is the case for the Patagonia Trekking Full and the Patagonia Trekking Adventure Full. Finally, there are the light trekking, for discovering the places, it is ideal for quiet people who prefer a tour with no exigence, where there is no difficulty and it is just enjoyable with relaxing walking and where you will get beautiful views, like the Patagonia Dicovery Trekking or the Patagonia Explorer.

Types of accomodation

In some areas, that are far of the the main cities, such as the case of the Continental Ice Field Trekking, you will spend the nights camping. In other areas, you can choose between Hostel (sharing the room with other people), in Hostería in Double or Single room, to have more privacy and for your comfort, according to every pasenger.

The most complete trekking that we offer, lasts 20 days and it is called Patagonia Trekking Adventure Full, during we are going to visit places that can only be made by hiking, because the access to certain regions is difficult to get in vehicles. It is an intense trip, in which we will be visiting places during a maximum of 6 and 7 hours per day.

National Parks where the trekking are made:

  1. Tierra del Fuego National Park (Ushuaia)
  2. Torres del Paine National Park (Paine, Chile)
  3. Los Glaciares National Park (Calafate y Chaltén)
  4. Lanin National Park (Bariloche)
  5. Nahuel Huapi National Park (San Martin de los Andes y Junin de los Andes)

There are 8 different trekking in Patagonia:

  1. Patagonia Trekking Full (Moderate Trekking)
  2. Patagonia Trekking Adventure Full (Intense Trekking)
  3. Glaciers & Trekking Torres del Paine (Easy Trekking)
  4. Torres del Paine & Tierra del Fuego Trekking (Easy Trekking)
  5. Fitz Roy and Perito Moreno Glacier Trekking (Easy Trekking)
  6. Trekking Patagonia Torres del Paine (Easy Trekking)
  7. The “W” of the Torres del Paine (Intense Trekking)
  8. Patagonia trekking Continental Ice (Intense Trekking)

Patagonia Trekking in El Chaltén

Towns like El Chaltén, capital of trekking, where different tours with well equipped paths are offered, allow from adventurous people of all ages to more relax people to do light hiking, enjoying every landscape in peace. There it is the well-known Cerro Fitz Roy, where we will have the privilege to get splendid and unic views from the Cerros Laguna de los Tres and Torre.

The Cerro Fitz Roy is highlighted because of its needle peaks, with curious shapes and because it is between the clouds, that is why the tehuelches, natives who lived in this area of Patagonia a hundred years ago, named it "Chaltén" which means "Mountain that smokes". The sunsets in areas like the cerro Laguna Torre, make people get amazed, which invites to stay there to watch the spectacle, surrounding between mountains and the homonym lagoon.

The access it´s through a really beautiful path, which goes along Rio Blanco and it advances into a wood of lengas and logs, making everyone who tours the area, stay for a moment to gaze it and admire its huge beauty, because it is surrounded of pure nature. The Cerro Torre, another charm of the Southern Patagonia, has its own physiognomy, with its pointed peaks and a river which cross it, which has strong currents that will make keep in our memories an alive image of this experience.

Piedra del Fraile is another spectacular place which makes people get speechless. It crosses a light path, with no difficulty, going along the río Eléctrico, getting to a plentiful wood of lengas and we arrive to Los Troncos camping, in the base of Piedra del Fraile, from where we will get excellent visuals of its river, its vegetation and even the face of Cerro Fitz Roy. Another enigmatic attractions are the Glacier Torre, highlighted because of its cracks, caves and deep shafts in white and turquoise colour that the glacier has and it makes people speechles. In Paso del Viento, we will have an interesting image of the continental ice field, which is an exigent hiking, but the result brings pleasure because of the surprising panoramic that presents.

Patagonia Trekking in El Calafate

In Calafate, we will visit, with no exception, the Glacier Perito Moreno, monument which honours to the Perito Francisco Moreno, who was an active and studious explorer of the argentinian southern region. There, we will have the privilege to watch pieces and blocks of ice falling in the water, at an altitude of more than 60 metres, a show to take into account because it is difficult to watch it in other part of the Earth. It is one of the most impressive of the world, inside the National Park Los Glaciares, surrounding by woods and mountains. The experience of navigate by the Canal de los Témpanos is another way to know the Glacier and watch closely its blocks falling.

Patagonia Trekking in Torres del Paine National Park

After El Calafate, we will go to Chile, to visit the majestic Torres del Paine, National Park sculpt by the nature force because of the glacier, wind and river action. Besides, we will get a really fascinating views of the lagoon which makes the snowdrift Torres The landscape is magical, which shows us the Valle del Francés, it descends from the inside of the mountain mass to the Nordenskjold lagoon, in a turquoise colour which catches the attention.

The Grey lagoon is another nature work which we cannot miss, because we will be able to admire the homonym glacier in the middle of the lake. The Pehoé is a lake to take into account, because of its crystalline water, its singular vegetation and the images that shows to the Torres del Paine.

Patagonia Trekking in Tierra del Fuego National Park, Ushuaia

Of course, you will find other itineraries in which the visits to Ushuaia, with the National Park Tierra del Fuego are included. It is a wood of lengas which has splendid and unforgettable postal because of its singular and characteristic silhouttes of the south, an ecologic region of patagonic woods, with glacier valleys.

In the past, in this area lived the natives Yámanas, whose sign in this place, are found in the coasts of the Canal de Beagle and Lago Roca. During the navigation by the waters of the Canal de Beagle, we will see its typical vegetation and fueguina fauna, like cormoranes and seals.

Trekking in the Northern Patagonia - Bariloche & San Martín and Junín de los Andes

The Northern Patagonia is one of the most beautiful regions, which is included in the section of trekking to the Patagonia and it cab be chosen between programs like North Patagonia Adventure Trekking, in which we will know Bariloche, rising to the famous Cerro Catedral, and where we will get adventurous in the Río Manso making rafting, while we cross the landscapes that shows us the Cordillera de los Andes.

Another attraction is go to San Martín de los Andes, an unic town because it is surrounding by snow-covered mountains and lakes of crystalline waters. Another option is the rising to the vulcanoes Domuyo and Lanin, where we will have an intense adventure. Getting there will let you surprised and fascinated, because it goes by paths of precipice and it goes along gullies, this is just for brave people! Streams of hot water and geysers, make unic and unforgetabble landscapes.