In search of the Emperor Penguin in Snow Hill

As the name of this Antarctic trip shows, the main objective of this expedition is The Emperor Penguin. We will come close to the penguin rookeries using helicopters to reach Snow Hill Island. We will walk a well-marked path through a natural garden of eternal ice fields. We will also visit the Antarctic Peninsula, crossing the Iceberg Channel.

In Search Of The Emperor Penguin in Snow Hill in the M/V Ortelius

11 days - 10 nights

An extraordinary journey in the footsteps of one of the most beautiful endemic species in Antarctica: the emperor penguin. It is the largest species of penguin. His head and neck has a black tone by the back, below the neck is white and orange.

In Search Of The Emperor Penguin in Snow Hill in the M/V Ortelius

Making this amazing trip to Antarctica true is exciting and part of the travel legacy of the Safari expedition to Snow Hill Island. We will never be completely sure that we will reach our goal in the polar expedition. To make the ideal trip possible we should be flexible about weather conditions and adjust to them. We intend to visit the Emperor chick's rookeries, as we have done on other trips. We will see the chicks sitting by the foot of the adults which are protecting them. We will use helicopters to go to the disembarking area near the rookery (1.2 miles). And walk through a marked path that takes us along a stunning ice garden which looks like beautiful sculptures. We will witness the moment in which Emperor Penguin adults plunge into the cold sea waters in quest of food for their chicks.

11 days - 10 nights

Day 1 - Starting our Trip to the Antarctic

Before embarking, we will have the opportunity to visit Ushuaia on our own: among the excursions available, we recommend visiting the Tierra del Fuego National Park to reach Lapataia Bay. We will start our expedition trip on the icebreaker that will cross the waters of the Beagle Channel heading for the turbulent Drake Passage.

Day 2 to 3 - Crossing the Drake Passage

When crossing the Drake Passage, we will have the opportunity to learn about the biology, the habitat and the behavior of the Emperor Penguin. Our photographer will help us enjoy to the full the landscape taking into account the special light conditions that we will find during our visit to the penguin rookeries. The Drake Passage, also called the Hoces Sea, divides South America from the White Continent; it is located between Cape Horn (Chile) and the South Shetland Islands (the Antarctic), connecting the Pacific Ocean in the west to the Scotia Sea in the east.

Day 4 to 6 - Wildlife Watching in Snow Hill

We will set out for our destination: reach the Snow Hill rookery under the best weather conditions possible. We will depend on the Captain and Expedition Leader charts, as well as weather reports and satellite images. So we will know where to leave the icebreaker to start out flights in helicopter towards the Emperor Penguin rookery. According to our planned route, we would spend three days in the rookeries enjoying nature to the full.

Day 7 to 8 - The Antarctic Peninsula

Although our priority is the Emperor Penguin, we will not leave without visiting the Antarctic Peninsula. The route is not always the same; that is to say, it is never exactly defined since it depends on the weather conditions. We intend to sail along the Iceberg Alley. This will be a perfect moment to take good pictures of the icebergs. Once into the Iceberg Channel, we will see magnificent ice sculptures from pure white to deep blue. We will be captivated by a moving silence, unless a glacier ice calves or overturns, and then all we hear is silence and waves. In our visit to the Peninsula, we will explore the Penguin rookeries under construction. Adélie, Chinstrap and Gentoo Penguins court, nest and raise their chicks during the southern summer. This trip occurs when these small penguins pick their partners and the place to nest their young.

Day 9 to 11 - Returning to Ushuaia through the Beagle Channel

We will return by the Drake Passage; the details about this expedition to Snow Hill and the Antarctic Peninsula will be on our minds. The life of the Emperor Penguin here is not just a story about survival and resistance; it is the triumph of life itself.

Map of Route

 In Search Of The Emperor Penguin in Snow Hill in the M/V Ortelius


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