Expedition Cruises

Cruises on different routes around Antarctica and Patagonia, setting sail from Ushuaia in Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego to the Antarctic continent. Or from Punta Arenas or Ushuaia to the Beagle Channel, the Strait of Magellan, reaching Cape Horns. Cruises around Patagonia are completed by voyages to the Continental Ice Fields and the Chilean Fjords. These itineraries start at Puerto Montt towards Puerto Natales and vice versa, or else from Puerto Montt returning to Puerto Montt itself. We offer expedition cruises along the Amazon River, on board of our luxury cruises such as Iberostar Grand Amazon, or top class ships such as Amazon Clipper Premium or Yate Tucano. In Ecuador, you will discover the East Galápagos Islands and West Galápagos Islands on board of M/Y Coral I and II and l M/Y Legend.

Cruises Introduction

Expedition Cruises

Argentinian Explorer offers expedition cruises around South America. The top four expedition destinations are: Antarctica, at the "end of the Earth", Patagonia at the southern continental end, East Galápagos Islands and West Galápagos Islands in Ecuador, and the Amazon River in the wild and unspoiled region of Brazil. These are expedition trips including talks by specialists in the matter, such as biologist, scientists and naturalists. These voyages are not similar to the luxury cruises offered by most tourist operators. On the contrary, these ships take no more than 200 passengers. Also, their main objective is to get to know the natural areas on each destination. Ports of arrival on these programs are places where environmental preservation is essential. In general, ports of arrival are ecological reserves or national parks, such as the Antarctic areas or the Galápagos Islands in Ecuador.

Cruises around Antarctica have a number of different versions, from the classic 10/12- day tour, arriving in the Atlantic Peninsula, to extended cruises such as the 31-day cruises semi circumnavigating Antarctica and arriving in New Zealand. You can also choose a short 6-day trip such as the express air cruise of M/V Ocean Nova. The advantage of air cruises is that you avoid crossing the Drake Passage, which means 2 days less to reach the Antarctic Peninsula. The disadvantage is the price as these are the most expensive programs to the white continent. In this program you will fly from Punta Arenas to King George Island in the South Shetland archipelago, and then take a ship to the Peninsula. You will enjoy an aerial view of Cape Horns and the Sea of Drake.

There are also different, more complete itineraries on the classic routes to the Atlantic Peninsula carried out by MV USHUAIA, M/V Polar Pioneer or M/V Plancius. Those trips reach the Falkland Islands, South Shetland Islands, South Georgia Islands, South Sandwich Islands and Orcadas Islands. One of the traditional tours by M/V Plancius offers an adventure trip to Antarctica which includes camping, kayaking, hiking, scuba diving (for an extra fee), mountain climbing and snow racketing. This is the most popular classic program. Other cruises to Antarctica offer expedition trips to the South Georgia Islands exclusively, in order to emulate Ernest Schacketon skiing on perpetual snow. Other programs go further into the Weddell Sea or sail as far as the Antarctic Circle.

You can also choose a VIP itinerary, such as the Atlantic-Antarctic Odyssey, sailing to Antarctica and then northbound on the Southern Atlantic Ocean as far as Ascension Island, with the option of continuing your trip to Cape Verde. This cruise is a great value. As you can see, there are different options for expedition cruises to Antarctica depending on your budget and your number of available days for this great adventure.

Classic Antarctica - Antarctic Spirit
Classic Antarctica

Antarctic Spirit

A classic trip to Antarctica starting from the port of Ushuaia in a southerly direction towards the Antarctic continent to discover the Antarctic Peninsula and the South Shetland Islands. Depart from Ushuaia by boat and return to the same destination...

Classic Antarctica - Adventure in Antarctica with the M/V Plancius/Ortelius
Classic Antarctica

Adventure in Antarctica with the M/V Plancius/Ortelius

The traditional trip to the Antarctic Peninsula, but with a special bonus: adventure tourism activities fully included in the cruise, from kayaking, snowshoeing, hiking, camping, Leika photography ...

Classic Antarctica - Classic Antarctica in the M/V Ushuaia
Classic Antarctica

Classic Antarctica in the M/V Ushuaia

M/V Ushuaia is one of classic expedition trips to Antarctica, navigating the typical route to the Antarctic Peninsula and the South Shetland Islands. In these departures the crew is bilingual Spanish-English, ideal for...

Classic Antarctica - Weddell Sea in the M/V Ushuaia
Classic Antarctica

Weddell Sea in the M/V Ushuaia

This cruise to Antarctica aims to reach the Weddell Sea, knowing the sub-Antarctic archipelago, as well as the Antarctic Peninsula and the South Shetland. Weddell is synonymous with the sounds of Antarctica...


Expedition cruises to Patagonia

Cruises around Patagonia take different routes. Australis travels the cold waters of the Beagle Channel and the Strait of Magellan, arriving in Cape Horns. Skorpios sails Patagonia's channels and explores Patagonia's fiords as far as the continental ice fields.

Australis cruises sail the Beagle Channel to Cape Horns from Ushuaia to Punta Arenas on the same route that captivated Charles Darwin long ago. These programs can be done departing from Puerto Arenas and arriving in Ushuaia either way around. You can depart from Ushuaia or Punta Arenas and come back to your departing port or stay at your destination port. From Ushuaia to Ushuaia, you will visit Garibaldi and Pía Glaciers and the Avenue of Glaciers, reaching Cape Horns and Wulaia Bay. From Puerto Arenas to Puerto Arenas, you will visit Brookes Glacier and Ainsworth Bay, and then Almirantazgo Bay and Perry Glacier as far as Magdalena Island. From Ushuaia to Punta Arenas, you will also enjoy the visit to Seno de Agostini and Aguila Glacier and Piloto and Nena Glaciers. From Punta Arenas to Ushuaia you will reach Tucker Islet.

Skorpios sails through the fiords and channels of Southern Patagonia. Their programs are a few days long and they offer 2 different itineraries – the Chonos Route, which explores the North Continental Ice Fields and the Kawaskar Route traveling the South Continental Ice Fields. The first program departs from Puerto Montt and arrives in San Rafael Glacier. Along this route, you will cross the archipelagos of Llanquihue, Chiloé and Aysén, the hot springs of Quitralco, Puerto Aguirre and Castro. The south route starts at Puerto Natales and explores Magellan channels and fiords, disembarking at glaciers Amalia, El Brujo, Bernal, Alsina and Calvo Fjord. M/N Skorpios II offers a 6-day program to the North Continental Ice Fields and M/N Skorpios III offers a 4-day trip to the South Continental Ice Fields.

Australis Cruises - Australis 5 days <br />Fjords of Tierra del Fuego<br />Punta Arenas/Ushuaia
Australis Cruises

Australis 5 days
Fjords of Tierra del Fuego
Punta Arenas/Ushuaia

Fjords of Tierra del Fuego: Our Patagonia cruise tours follow the fjords of the southern edge of Tierra del Fuego highlights the stunning, natural beauty of Patagonia...

Australis Cruises - Australis 5 days <br />Patagonia Explorers<br />Ushuaia/Punta Arenas
Australis Cruises

Australis 5 days
Patagonia Explorers
Ushuaia/Punta Arenas

Patagonian Explorer: Starting in January 2018, explore Patagonia on an adventurous five-day, four-night journeys between Ushuaia (Argentina) to Punta Arenas...

Skorpios Cruises - Skorpios II<br />Northern Ice Fields<br />Chonos Route
Skorpios Cruises

Skorpios II
Northern Ice Fields
Chonos Route

San Rafael Glacier & Quitralco: The Northern Ice Fields....

Skorpios Cruises - Skorpios III<br />Southern Ice Fields<br />Kaweskar Route
Skorpios Cruises

Skorpios III
Southern Ice Fields
Kaweskar Route

The route navigation ice fields south sailing from Puerto Natales to the Amalia Glacier, visiting glaciers as El Brujo, Fernando, Captain Constantine, Calvo Fjord Fjord Mountains ...


River cruises along the Amazon River

The Amazon River is the fastest-flowing, widest, longest and deepest river in the whole world. It runs for 4,201 miles, while the longest U.S. river, the Mississippi, runs for 2,342 miles. You could fit all the water flow of several great rivers such as the Nile, the Mississippi and the Yangtze in the Amazon River. This river is incredibly important since it contains the fifth part of the planet's freshwater. The uppermost part of the Amazon is called Solimões only in Brazil, not in Ecuador or Venezuela.

Argentinian Explorer offers cruises departing every week with different routes – the Amazon itinerary, the trip to Río Negro and the trip that combines both: the "route to the Amazon & Negro Rivers", visiting the famous "Meeting of Waters". Cruises to the Amazon include trekking in the rainforest and travelling on motorized canoes along lagoons, streams and flooded forest. You will discover the Amazon's ecology, you will learn how to survive in extreme situations and you know about native's customs.

We offer three cruises to the Amazon River. Amazon Clipper, with two available options, Traditional and Premium; Yate Tucano, with excellent services and comfort level, considered one of the best ships to travel the Amazon; and Iberostar Grand Amazon, which is the only cruise and large ship with a large number of passengers to sail the waters of the Amazon River. You will depart from Manaus for any of these trips.

Cruises around the East and West Galápagos Islands

The Galápagos Islands Archipelago is a natural reserve where animals and plants are endemic species, such as the Galápagos tortoises, albatross, marine iguanas, penguins, cormorants, sea lions and sea elephants, among many. The islands are part of Ecuador and are located far away from the American continent - over 600 miles off the west Ecuadorian coast right on the Equator. You need to take a flight from Ecuador's capital city, Quito, or from Guayaquil to arrive at San Cristobal Island Airport or at he Airport of Baltra. The best way to explore the islands is on a cruise. Due to their remote location and difficult access for old time sailors they are quite unspoiled. They are called "The Enchanted Islands."

Our itineraries reach the East and West Galápagos Islands. The main points of interest on these trips are:

Fausto Llerena Centre of Reproduction, El Chato Reserve and Charles Darwin Station, Whale Bay & Eden Islet and Bachas Beaches in Santa Cruz. Cormorant Point, Champion Islet and Devil's Crown and Post Office are the favorite spots at Floreana Island. You will disembark in Gardner Bay and Gardner & Osborn Islets and Suárez Point in Española Island. In Isabela Island: Tagus Cove, Urbina and Elizabeth Bay. In Fernandina Island: Espinos Point. In Santiago, points of attraction are Rábida, Egas Port, Sullivan Bay, Buccaneer Bay and Espumilla Beach. Attractions in San Cristóbal are the visit to the Interpretation Centre, mounts Brujo, Tijeretas and Colorado and the Tortoise Reserve.

Charles Darwin not only explored the cold waters of Southern Patagonia and the coasts of the Argentine Sea as far as Cape Horns, but he also visited the famous Archipelago of the Galápagos in 1835. Its geography and biodiversity was an important contribution to the well known evolution theory he later wrote.

Cruises to Galapagos have guides speaking several languages – Spanish, English, Italian and German. These trips offer the chance to watch local animals in their natural habitat. You can even swim with sea lions, giant tortoises and marine iguanas. At Galápagos National Park strict rules and regulations apply with the objective of protecting and preserving their natural environment.