Trips to Iguazu Falls

There are many options to travel to Iguazú Falls in Iguazú Port, Misiones, and Iberá Streams and Lagoons in Corrientes. The classic 3-day trip will take us around the typical places to see its traditional views, in Argentina and Brazil. Iguazú Falls belong to Argentina, from this side we will appreciate them and listen to their rough waters. From Brazil, we will have an excellent panoramic view, since here they can be seen from far away. This traditional trip will also include getting soaked below San Martín Falls, since we will go to the very center of the Falls on semi-rigid inflatable boats to have a great experience and enjoy them to the full. This typical itinerary can also be done 5 days a month during the full moon. If we can stay longer in the Falls, we should take Iguazú Falls program, since we will visit Iguazú National Park, Iguazú Falls and Devil's Gorge.

Iguazu Falls - Classical Iguazu Falls
Iguazu Falls

Classical Iguazu Falls

This is a classic trip to Iguazú Falls (Misiones, Argentina), one of the most stunning tourist destinations of Argentina, where we can get close to the Devil's Gorge, walk along the Argentinian and Brazilian trails and even appreciate the full moon in the falls....

Iguazu Falls - Iguazu Falls Full
Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls Full

A trip to visit Iguazu Falls (both in Argentina and Brazil), the stunning Devil's Gorge with Adventure Big in Iguazu River, the mystical San Ignacio Ruins and Wanda Mines, adventure in Misiones Forest (Adventure Tourism in Iguazú) and finally, a typical dinner show....

Iguazu Falls - Iguazu Falls & Río de Janeiro
Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls & Río de Janeiro

Seven full days starting from one of the most visited cities, Río de Janeiro, where we will see its charming Center, some beaches, Christ the Redeemer -the symbol of Rio de Janeiro people- and Pan de Azúcar, and ending in Iguazú Falls...


Argentinian Explorer

Trips to the Northwestern Region

Discover the Northwestern Region of Argentina, traveling around Tucuman and visiting the Ruins of the Quilmes Indians, then Salta and its Calchaqui Valleys from Cachi or from Cafayate and Jujuy with its astonishing Quebrada de Humahuaca.

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3 trips through the best places in Iguazú

The Argentine littoral includes 3 provinces which make up the Argentine Mesopotamia. The provinces of Entre Ríos, Corrientes and Misiones have many beautiful natural attractions such as El Palmar National Park (Entre Ríos), the Ibera Wetlands and Lagoons (Esteros y Lagunas del Iberá) (Corrientes) and the Iguazu Falls and Saltos del Moconá (Moconá Falls) (Misiones.) Falls are magnificent, rivers are wide and there is great biodiversity and lush vegetation reflecting the reddish tones of the littoral soil. One of the key players of the environment is the fascinating and mysterious rainforest, where the ruins of the Jesuit Empire are hidden. The endless contrasts turn the region into an attractive visit for those who enjoy nature in its purest state.

One of the indisputable highlights are the magnificent Iguazu Falls, core of the Iguazu National Park. Most of the flow of the superior Iguazu River falls thunderously into a narrow basalt chasm known as the Devil’s Throat. The last refuge of the Parana rainforest in Argentina is the “Selva Misionera”, an ecosystem with a large number of species such as the “yaguareté (local jaguar), collared pecari, crab-eating raccoon, toco toucan and red breasted toucan, violet-capped woodnymph, great dusky swift, butterflies and yellow rumped caciques. In the flora you can find tipuana tipu (rosewood tree) and queen palm. The rainforest may resemble a huge and odd mass of weed, but all plants grow in well defined layers. The tallest trees (emerging trees) stand out of the canopy and the lower layers (herbaceous) are controlled by fern, moss, fungus and decomposing vegetation.

The Iguazu River originates in Southern Brazil and flows along over 300 miles before plummeting down into the Iguazu Falls, from 260 ft into a set of falls almost 9000 ft high. This spectacular view of foam and rainbow made it a World Heritage Site. The history of this region connects with the indigenous legacy and the inevitable influence of the rainforest environment. The individuality of these people was influenced by the contributions of the Society of Jesus and the immigrants. The whimsical shapes of the water courses and the reddish soil, where the diversity of wildlife and the exuberance of the vegetation are astonishing, appear as an example of the many things still to be learned and conserved.

Iguazu Falls Tours

You have many different options for travelling to the Iguazu Falls, in Puerto Iguazú, Misiones and to the Ibera Wetlands and Lagoons (Esteros y lagunas del Iberá) in Corrientes. One option is the classic 3-Day Tour where you will visit all the traditional spots. The Iguazu Falls are part of Argentina and you will experience them from the Argentine side. You will listen to their loud, furious roaring sound and walk along its lower and upper walkways. In the lower walkways the highlights are Salto Alvar Nuñez, Mirador Principal (Main Viewpoint), Salto Bosetti, Salto Dos Hermanas and San Martin Island.

In the upper walkway the viewpoints over Salto Bosetti and the end part of the walkway stand out, whereas from Brazil you will enjoy fascinating panoramic views, due to the further distance to the falls. You will finish this traditional tour getting wet under the San Martín fall, where you will get into a raft for a full experience of watching the falls close up. You can also follow this regular itinerary of the Iguazu Falls taking advantage of the 5 days in a month during Full Moon.

If you can extend your visit to the Iguazu Falls and the exuberant surrounding rainforest, we recommend taking the Cataratas Full Program. On this program you will not only discover the Iguazu National Park and the Devil’s Throat, but you will also be held in time, as if travelling many years ago by visiting the Jesuit Ruins in San Ignacio de Miní, a precious historical treasure left by our Jesuit ancestors. The ruins were founded in 1610 in the Brazilian region of Guayrá. The mines of Wanda store missionary jewels in a wild environment, among grey blocks of volcanic rock displaying sparkling, colorful quartz incrustations. In Wanda you can learn about the craft of the mining process of semi precious stones and you can also visit the open air quarries. You will end up your day in an adventure, enjoying the rainforest on a canopy tour, a rappel tour and hiking among exotic vegetation in its purest state.

Another itinerary combines the Iguazu Falls with the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro, in a really interesting combo which combines wildlife and urban life experiences. Rio is one of the most interesting spots in Brazil and Iguazu is one of the top destinations in Argentina. This trip is one of the most requested by our customers. Another captivating trip is Iguazu Falls and Sailing along the Paraguay River. This is a very original trip since it combines Argentina and Paraguay, visiting the traditional spots in Iguazu and embarking on a boat ride along the Paraguay River to watch protected wildlife and the ecosystem of this region.

If you wish to visit the Ibera Wetlands and Lagoons (Esteros y Lagunas del Iberá) in the Province of Corrientes, in the heart of the Argentine Mesopotamia, there are different options combining similar itineraries from Irupé Lodge to Estancia del Socorro in the heart of the Iberá. You can also select one of our programs to the Natural Reserve of Yacutinga in the rainforest of the Iguazu National Park. These programs are excellent for bird watching and for relaxing in a completely pure natural environment.

The tours of Iguazu Falls are:

  1. Classical Iguazu Falls
  2. Iguazu Falls Full
  3. Iguazu Falls & Río de Janeiro