Seven full days starting from one of the most visited cities, Río de Janeiro, where we will see its charming Center, some beaches, Christ the Redeemer -the symbol of Rio de Janeiro people- and Pan de Azúcar, and ending in Iguazú Falls doing the traditional excursions.

Iguazu Falls & Río de Janeiro

Iguazu Falls & Río de Janeiro
7 Days - 6 Nights
Río de Janeiro & Iguazu
  1. Corcovado, Floresta and Beaches
  2. City tour Río de Janeiro & Pan de Azúcar
  3. Iguazu Falls Argentine Side
  4. Navigation on the Iguazu River
  5. Iguazu Falls Brazil Side
  6. Jesuit Ruins of San Ignacio and Minas de Wanda
  7. Adventure Tourism in Iguazu: Canopy, Rappel and Hikes.
  8. Show dinner.
Tropicals Islands or Buzios (Brasil), Helicopter flight over Iguazu Falls
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7 days - 6 nights

Day 1 - Arrival to Río de Janeiro - Corcovado, Floresta and some Beaches

Reception and transfer from Rio de Janeiro-Galeão (Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport) to the hotel.

Our tour will start in Botafogo and Laranjeiras neighborhoods, located in the Center- South of the city. The former is known for the big houses that date from the 19th century and the latter is known for the residences and universities surrounded by bars. We will go to Guanabara Palace which was built in 1853 by a Portuguese person. The street from where one gets in is decorated by hundreds of imperial palms and, nowadays is the office of the state government.

We will arrive at Fluminense Football Club, the typical stadium of the city, and we will stop by the Sambódromo. Later we will pass by the Maracanã Stadium, regarded by many soccer fans as the "Temple of Gods." We will visit the old neighborhood of Santa Teresa, noted for the Yellow Tram that circulates this area thoroughly, and the old houses and colonial churches, among others. We will go into Floresta da Tijuca National Park, the largest natural reserve of the urban area, up to Mount Corcovado, 710 meters high, with the momument of Christ the Redeemer standing at its summit, representative monument of Rio de Janeiro. For Brazilian people this is an image of faith and sympathy.

We will ascend by train starting from Cosme Velho neighborhood, an enchanting place full of green areas and colonial houses. We will see spectacular sights of the lovely Guanabara Bay, regarded as the most important one in Brazil owing to the port, though it is rather polluted. We will enjoy the landscapes of the southern beaches such as Ipanema, Copacabana and Leblon, Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon surrounded by the most representative Rio de Janeiro neighborhoods (Lagoa, Ipanema, Leblon, Gávea and the Botanical Garden) framed by mountains and the statue of Christ the Redeemer.

Day 2 - City tour & Pan de Azúcar (Sugarloaf Mountain)

Breakfast at the hotel. We will do a city tour going around the main resorts of Rio de Janeiro city. We will visit the Maracaná Stadium, regarded by many people as the "Temple of Gods." It is one of the largest stadiums in the world; it was built in 1950 with the aim of hosting the Soccer World Cup. Then we will pass by the Sambódromo, where the carnivals take place in February; the Municipal Theater that draws the attention of visitors not only for its architecture but also for the imposing facade, its beautiful décor and inner structure, and its capacity of 2.220 people.

Then we will visit the Modern Art Museum with a privileged location and 4,000 works of art that depict its history, apart from the gardens illustrated by the well-known Burle Marx. Later, we will go to the National Library, the largest one of Latin America, of neoclassic style with staircases and marble columns. At last, we will visit the Metropolitan Cathedral, a wonderful conic building from where we could have a lovely view of the financial city center. Later we will go to Pan de Azúcar, one of the most important symbols of Rio de Janeiro. It is situated in Guanabara Bay, 396 meters above sea level. This is the only granite hill above sea level in the city. We will arrive there by the so-called "Bondinho" (cable railway) of Pan de Azúcar, with a capacity of 75 people covering 1,400 meters. It shows a spectacular view of the bay, the city, and the hills of Babilonia and Urca.

Day 3 - Río de Janeiro - Beach Day

Breakfast at the hotel. Free day. You can choose between the following tours: Tropical Islands, Angra do Reis and Buzios.

Optional - Tropical Islands

The whole day will be devoted to visiting and enjoying the tropical Islands. We will head for Itacuruca to get on a saveiro, a ship that will be waiting for us to start this marvelous journey. Once in the saveiro, we will cross Sepetiba Bay, an enchanting sector where we will be amazed by natural beauty, and have the opportunity to see dolphins, turtles, skate fish, birds such as giant king fishers, parrots, among others.

An area of green and warm waters and dense vegetation. We can descend to step on the sandy beaches and calm waters. While sailing, we will taste a dish of tropical fruits and have free access to the bar. We will return to Itacuruca and take the bus via Barra, an area of rather attractive residences; we will pass by modern shops and shopping centers, avenues like Ayrton Senna (in honor of the Brazilian Formula 1 pilot who died in a competition).

Optional -Angra do Reis

We will spend the whole day visiting this heavenly place: Angra Dos Reis, situated at 2 hours from the city of Rio de Janeiro. We will ride an area full of nature enjoying the resorts, restaurants, diving places, and, of course, incredible beaches. There are about 60 isles with Angra Dos Reis in the middle of them, which depict an unforgettable landscape. Isla Grande (Big Island) is the most exotic island because of its mountains, waterfalls, caves, and beaches of crystalline water that captivates all visitors. We will visit the Atlantic tropical forest and the turquoise waters, making this tour a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We will go back to Rio de Janeiro in the evening.

Optional - Buzios

We will start our trip going to the fishers' old village, which offers diversity and beauty. Nowadays it is modern and sophisticated. Once there, we will walk along the cobblestone streets which have a particular charm due to their beautiful landscapes. Buzios has more than 20 beaches with plenty of nature, surrounded by lakes, channels, white sand dunes, and a surprising turquoise sea. It is called Region of Lakes, as they surround the whole Bay. We will also enjoy the colonial-style constructions. Undoubtedly, an unforgettable trip.

Day 4 - Departure to Puerto Iguazu

Breakfast in the hotel. Transfer to Rio de Janeiro-Galeão (Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport). Reception and transfer from Foz do Iguaçu Airport to hotel.

Day 5 - Iguazu Falls: Argentina & Big Adventure

Iguazu Falls: Argentina

We will do one of the most interesting excursions through the hanging bridges, which will lead us to visit the stunning Falls from the Argentine side. Then we will get to the Devil's Gorge and be dazzled by its rough waters, a nature spectacles at a height of 80 meters. In the Lower Area (Circuito Inferior) we will enjoy the rich wildlife around us, as we go down the flight of steps where we can watch the spectacle offered by this water curtain surrounded by thick vegetation. We will pass by Álvar Núñez Fall, from where we will enjoy the first views of the Devil's Gorge. Following the path, we will find San Martín Island and the homonymous Fall. Finally, at the end of trip we will find Bosetti and Dos Hermanas Falls. We can stay and appreciate this spectacle of waters and get refreshed since the steam from the waves breaking on the rocks will spray us completely.

We will continue our trip, this time in the Upper Area (Circuito Superior), where we will go around the same falls but from a different point of view of the Falls and their surroundings. Besides, we will get close to our next destination, the most stunning, which will guide us through the roaring of the water currents. We will get to the Devil's Gorge's station by train, and start our trip around the islands, and thus, have a wider view of this great nature "mistake" in the middle of the forest created, according to a legend, by the angry God of Iguazú River.

Full Moon (optional in Argentine Falls) We will enjoy this unique trip at night with a full moon, which will allow us to appreciate the sounds and secrets of Misiones forest. We will leave on the Ecologic Train and head for Devil's Gorge Station, where we will capture the first sounds of nature, which creates a magic and mysterious environment. The spectacle offered by the Falls, with the rainbow that appears from the waters with the moon reflection, will completely dazzle us. Besides, once within this overwhelming environment, we will get the movements and sounds of the animals that go for their food. After such a magnificent experience, we will return by train to the travelers' center.

Big Adventure

This activity is an extra walk through the hanging bridges, and with this we will start our adventure in which we will sail up to the Canyon of Iguazú River. Then we will sail for about 2 km along the rapids enjoying a beautiful view from San Martín Island. We will go round the island up to the homonymous fall to enjoy a great deal and get sprayed from a close distance. We will get back on off-road vehicles through the thick forest surrounding the National Park.

Day 6 - Iguazu Falls: Brazil & Flight over the Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls: Brazil

Here we will have a very beautiful trip through the only hanging bridge of 1 km to enjoy the view of Iguazú Falls from the other side, the Brazilian region. During this trip we can also learn more about the fauna and flora, enjoy a unique landscape of the falls since the area is more open regarding falls because most of them are on the Argentine side and form a water curtain of 2.700 meters wide. So from this side we will be dazzled by the beauty of the Devil's Gorge to the full.

Besides, this place is home to rare wildlife species, some of them in danger of extinction such as giant otters, anteaters, jaguars, red deer and yellow alligators. We will also see native flowers such as orchids, bromelias and thousands of butterflies.

Note: We have to bear in mind that this trip is available only 5 days per month during the full moon; two days before, two days after, and during that period. We have also to take into consideration that the capacity for this activity is limited and, of course, it depends on the weather conditions that day. If you want to see other excursion options in Iguazu, click here: Tours in Iguazu.

Flight over the Iguazu Falls

Flying over the Iguazu Falls is a unique experience and the icing on the cake if you are travelling to visit this wonder of the world. After being splashed by the falls on Argentina's side and watching them from a panoramic view, you only need to admire this work of Mother Nature from a bewildering aerial perspective. You will depart from Foz do Iguassu heliport and you will fly over the Iguazu National Park and the Falls for 10 minutes, enjoying privileged aerial views.

  • Se incluye: Transfers from your hotel to the heliport and back, bilingual guide (Spanish-English or Spanish-Portuguese), 10-minute flight.
  • Included: Meals, beverages, personal expenses, tips, fees for extra/optional activities.

About the flights: Flights comply with laws, norms and regulations of aviation, environment and security that are mandatory for this kind of programs. This tour is part of the program of the Environmental Management of Iguazu National Park, complying with the ISO 14000 certification.

Day 7 - Buenos Aires

Breakfast in the Hotel. Transfer to Puerto Iguazu Airport. End of our services.

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