Domestic Flights

In this section you can find answers to some of the questions you may have before checking in for your domestic flight, such as the weight limit for your carry on luggage or your checked in luggage. Allowances for checked in luggage, fees to be paid in case of excess baggage, prohibited items on board, exception items such as special luggage, sport equipment or firearms. Information on major airports in Argentina, such as address, airport code, distance to downtown and contact numbers.

Domestic Flights

Carry-on Baggage Weight

Airline regulations on maximum weight and size for carry-on or hand luggage (luggage that is not checked) must be complied with. Maximum weight and size depend on whether it's a domestic or an international flight as well as on ticket class.

Note: Please note all flight information in this section refers to Aerolíneas Argentinas services.

Weight of baggage
Flight Type Class Weight
Domestic Flights Economy 5 kg / 11 lbs
Domestic Flights Club Economy 10 kg / 22 lbs
International Flights Economy 110 kg / 22 lbs

When exceeding size, weight or both, the carry-on item must be checked in, since it is not possible to fit the item in the overhead compartments or under your seat.

Tip: Most airport counters offer weighing scales to check weight and size. We suggest buying a hand weighing scale, which fits anywhere, and weigh your luggage beforehand in order to avoid carrying excessive weight and paying for excess baggage.

Weight of Baggage to be Checked-In: Allowance

All baggage that the passenger can transport at no extra fee is considered allowed baggage, including carry-on luggage and checked-in luggage. There are 2 types of baggage allowance: 1) Weight Concept: Limited amount of pounds. Any extra will be charged. 2) Piece Concept: Limited number of pieces of luggage, based on volume and weight. Exceeding luggage will be charged.

Weight Concept
Weight Concept - Flights Class Weight
Domestic Flights Economy 15 kg / 33 lbs
Domestic Flights Economy 20 kg / 44 lbs
Domestic Flights Club Economy 30 kg/ 66 lbs
Domestic Flights Club Economy 30 kg/ 66 lbs
Piece Concept
Piece Concept – Flights Class Pieces
Domestic Flights Economy 1 piece x 15 kg/ 33 lbs
Regional Flights Economy 1 piece x 20 kg / 44 lbs
Domestic Flights Club Economy 2 pieces x 15 kg/ 33 lbs
Regional Flights Club Economy 2 pieces x 20 kg / 44 lbs
International Flights Europe Economy 1 piece x 23 kg / 50 lbs
International Flights USA Economy 2 pieces x 23 kg / 50 lbs
International Flights Europe Club Cóndor 3 pieces x 23 kg/ 50 lbs
International Flights USA Club Cóndor 3 pieces x 23 kg / 50 lbs

On the weight concept, infants have no baggage allowance. Only a stroller or baby walker is allowed, subject to space availability. On the piece concept, there is a 22 lbs/10 kg of baggage allowance for infants not occupying a seat.

Group Baggage Allowance and Higher Allowance

For passengers flying on the same flight, date and destination, a group baggage allowance is considered. When travelling to a regional or international destination connecting to a domestic destination, through connecting flights or not, the higher allowance will apply. When changing flight classes, the allowance for the original purchased class will apply.

Regional Flights

Regional flights are between Argentina and Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia and Chile.

Excess Baggage

Excess baggage is baggage exceeding the allowance by weight or number of pieces. It is charged at check-in, before boarding.

Total Weight Excess Cost for Excess
35 to 44 lbs / 16 to 20 kg From 2 to 11 lbs / From 1 to 5 kg 100 $
46 to 66 lbs / 21 to 30 kg From 13 to 33 lbs / From 6 to 15 180 $
68 to 88 lbs / 31 to 40 kg From 35 to 55 lbs / From 16 to 25 kg 360 $
Over 90 lbs / 41 kg Over 57 lbs / Over 26 kg 20 $ per exceeding kilogram
Total Weight Excess Cost for Excess
68 to 88 lbs / 31 to 40 kg From 2 to 22 lbs / From 1 to 10 kg 180 $
90 to 121 lbs / 41 to 55 kg From 24 to 55 lbs / From 11 to 25 kg 360 $
Over 123 lbs / Over 56 kg Over 57 lbs / Over 26 kg 20 $ per exceeding kilogram

Prohibited Items

Prohibited Items on Hand Luggage

Note that you cannot carry the following items in your hand luggage: sharp or pointed objects, scissors, clippers, knives, cutters, nail files, knitting needles, screwdrivers or similar objects. Any kind of fluids (with the exception of milk for babies) toothpaste, beverages, shampoo or similar products and all kinds of lotions.

General Prohibited Items

Note that you cannot carry the following items either on your hand luggage or on your checked-in luggage: Any type of explosives (fireworks, flares, etc.), flammable objects (in solid or liquid state), such as paint, solvents, sanitizing gel, lighter fluid, matches, any type of compressed gases (flammable or non flammable) such as aerosols, full scuba diving tanks, camping cylinders or dispensable gas cylinders, butane gas, etc. Transportation of loaded firearms, as well as ammunition, pepper gas, gunpowder and fireworks is prohibited. As an exception, unloaded firearms with a valid permit from the Police Authority can be checked in. Corrosive items, acid or alkaline, such as bleach, ammonia, oven cleaner products or spillable batteries cannot be checked in. Radioactive, oxidant, irritant, infective or poisonous materials, such as cyanide, arsenic, herbicides or insecticides are included as prohibited as well as devices containing mercury, except for thermometers measuring body temperature.

As from 2008, transportation of lose lithium batteries on checked in baggage, to and from USA, is prohibited, with the exception of batteries installed in electronic devices. At the end of 2010, the prohibition of checking in printer cartridges weighing over 1000 lbs (453 kg) was added. These heavy cartridges can only be checked in as cargo.

Exception Items

You can transport low volume aerosols, such as perfumes, colognes and medicines containing alcohol. You can also check in up to 170 ounces (5 liters) of alcoholic beverages per person, on a thermosealed packaging.

Special Luggage

1.- High Volume Luggage

If you wish to carry a high volume item, you must purchase additional seats. Each parcel is limited to 165 lbs per seat. You need to purchase these seats 12 hours in advance. Guitars must be checked in on a hardshell case.

2.- Sporting Goods

The following pieces of equipment can be checked in as regular luggage: Golf, ski, snowboard, hunting, sport fishing, scuba diving and surf equipment, or similar equipment, as well as bicycles. Limitations to transportation of these items can be found below. Transporting such goods can be part of your allowance or can be charged as exceeding luggage, if it exceeds allowance.

  • Golf Luggage: One bag of clubs and one pair of shoes.
  • Ski Luggage: One pair of skis, boots, poles or one snowboard.
  • Fishing Luggage: Two fishing rods, one reel, one net, one pair of boots and one box of fishing gear
  • Surf Luggage: One surf board, wakeboard, sandboard or similar.
  • Hunting Luggage: Two rifles, target, 2 shotguns or 5 pistols, 10 kg / 22 lbs of ammunition for all firearms, silencers and tools.
  • Bicycles: One-seat bicycle with folded handlebars, pedals removed, deflated tires packed on a hardshell case.
  • Scuba Diving Luggage: Two empty tanks, wetsuit and one pair of fins.
3.- Firearms Transportation

Weapons are firearms, regardless of type and caliber, collectable firearms, conditioned to be used or not, or toys resembling firearms, as well as ammunitions, tools, blunt, sharp or pointed objects and any other item that could cause harm. All these items must be checked in. In the case of firearms unloading and disassembling is mandatory according to security regulations. Transportation of weapons of war is strictly prohibited. Passengers belonging to Armed Forces or Law Enforcement carrying weapons, whether it be guns or pistols, must use the firearm holder or check them in. These passengers must report to the Airport Security Control and follow these steps: Unloading the weapon in an isolated place to be packed with ammunitions and chargers in a firearm holder bag. This bag is sealed with a security seal. Upon arrival to destination, the passenger can pick up the weapon by showing the identification tag.

In order to exit, passengers must get accredited by the corresponding documentations issued by the Registro Nacional de Armas (R.E.N.A.R.) and in order to enter they must show a permit from the authorities in their country of origin. This permit must state the weapon brand, model, caliber, serial number and ammunitions. On both cases, passengers must be adults.

4.- Human Remains Transportation

Human ashes and human remains cremated in a funeral service can be transported. These remains can be carried as hand luggage. Documents required on domestic flights are the Death Certificate and the Cremation Certificate. On international flights, an original and a copy of both certificates are needed. You also need to show the Boarding Certificate issued by the Airport Health Office and an endorsement from the consulate of the destination country.

5.- Human Organs Transportation

Transportation of human organs is authorized only in the case of transplants when requested by INCUCAI (Instituto Nacional Central Único Coordinador de Ablación e Implantes.)

Airport Codes Address Miles Phone
Aeroparque AEP Av. Costanera Rafael Obligado S/N 0810-222-VOLAR (86527)
Catamarca CTC Ruta Provincial 38 Km 18 12,4 Miles 0383-4430080
Bariloche BRC Ruta Nacional Nro 8 S/N 9,9 Miles 0294-4405026
Chapelco CPC Ruta Provincial 234 S/N 13,7 Miles 02972-427636
Comodoro CRD Camino Vecinal González Km 9 7,4 Miles 0297-4548126
Córdoba COR Camino a Pajas Blancas 5,3 Miles 0351-475-3010
Calafate FTE Ruta Provincial Nro 11 13,7 Miles 02902-491220/491230
Esquel EQS Ruta 40 Km 21 13 Miles 02945-452688
Ezeiza EZE Ruta Nacional A002 24 Miles (54-11) 4480-5000
Puerto Iguazú IGR Anexo Ruta Nacional 101 15,5 Miles 03757-420915
Jujuy JUJ Ruta Nacional 66 S/nro. – Perico - 21,7 Miles (54) 0388-4911109/4911108
La Rioja IRJ Ruta Provincial 5, Km 7 4,3 Miles 0380-4427239
Mendoza MDZ Ruta Nacional 40 N. S/N. Las Heras 6,2 0261 4487320
Río Gallegos RGL Ruta Nacional Nro. 3 4,7 Miles -
Salta SAL Ruta 51, Km. 5 6,2 Miles 0387-4241200
San Juan UAQ Ruta 20 - 9 de Julio 7,4 Miles 0264-4250487
Trelew REL Ruta Nacional N° 3, Km. 1450 5 Miles 0280-4431155
Tucumán TUC Localidad de Cevil Pozo CP.4178 6,2 Miles 0381-4260016
Ushuaia USH Rotonda Malvinas Argentinas S/nro. 2,8 Miles 02901-436586


You must arrive at the airport 2 hours before departure for check in if you have baggage to check in or 1 and a half hour before departure, if you are not checking in baggage for domestic flights.