South America Tours

From the Atacama Desert and Tatio Geysers in the Chilean Altiplano Andino, then the center, with Santiago and Vina del Mar, to the Lake District, with Frutillar and Puerto Varas and Chiloe Island. Peru and Macchu Picchu and the Inca culture. From Cusco to Arequipa, knowing the capital of Peru: Lima. Discover the Ruta del Sol or the mysterious Nazca Lines. The Inca Trail or a trip around Peru. Traveling Bolivia knowing the world's highest navigable lake: Lake Titicaca. Discover the Salar de Uyuni traveling by train from Oruro and lagoons Colorada, Verde. We entered the Amazon rainforest. Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands are an option. The colonial cities of Quito, Ecuador's capital and Cuenca. Hiking through the Ecuadorian Andes reaching the Pacific Coast. Colombia and the Caribbean. Uruguay introduces us to Montevideo, Punta del Este and the beautiful colonial city of Colonia del Sacramento.

South America Tours

We design tailor-made trips around South America including the following countries: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil.

Here are our recommended destinations on each country:

Trips to Colombia

Discover Colombian Amazonia, visit Barranquilla taking a night-time tour around the best rumba venues in the city on board of a typical "chiva". Get to know the capital city of Bogota, Guatavita, Zipaquirá and its cathedral, Villa de Leyva, Panaca Sabana or a traditional dinner in Andrés Carne de Res, the most renowned restaurant in Bogota. Visit Cali, the beautiful city of "salsa", get to know the sugar cane farms, drive to Calima Lake or take a tour to the most renowned salsa venues for taking salsa dance lessons.

Travel to Cartagena to explore the Old Town, reach Baru Island and Playa Blanca (White Beach) or devote one whole day exclusively for the Islas del Rosario. In Medellin, discover the city by riding on the Metro and Metro Cable. You can take the Ruta de la Leche (Milk Route) or the Camino del Café (Coffee Road.) Enjoy the sun and beaches of San Andrés in the Colombian Caribbean, taking a semi-submarine tour or swimming among manta rays at Johnny Cay Natural Park, where you can also go snorkeling. Another excellent option is going to Santa Marta for a trekking among reedbeds and reefs at Tayrona Park and going to Río Don Diego, to the hot springs in Volcán Ciénaga, etc.

Trips to Peru

Visit Lima, its colonial capital, the Larco Herrera Museum and the Museo del Oro (Gold Museum.) Get to know Paracas National Reserve or Ballestas Islands. In Ica you can take the Rutas del Pisco (Pisco Routes) and visit Piedras Cabrera Museum. In Nazca, you can fly above the renowned lines of Nazca, held in time to visit Cantalloc aqueducts. In Cusco you should visit the four ruins near the city:  Sacsayhuaman Fortress, Q'engo (cult and ceremonial center), Puca Pucara (administrative and military center) and Tambomachay, known as the baths of the Inca. Another option is taking the religious tour to Cusco.

And unmissable visit is the archeological ruins of Machu Picchu, riding on the train from Cusco to Lima. Visit the sacred valley of the Incas, get to know the crafts market at Pisac and Ollantaytambo Archaeological Park or the famous agricultural terraces in Moray. Another major destination in Peru is Arequipa. You can also visit Santa Catalina Monastery and Santa Teresa Monastery and the Museum of Andean Sanctuaries where mummy Juanita is exhibited. You cannot miss a visit to Colca to discover the Gran Cañón (Great Canyon.) Peru has many options to travel around such as taking a boat to Uros Island departing from Puno or getting to know the archeological region of the Chullpas de Sillustani. You can also cross to Bolivia through the Titikaka Lake, connecting Puno and La Paz by catamaran and exploring Sun Island and Copacabana.

Trips to Bolivia

Trips to Bolivia start at the capital city: La Paz. You can arrive in La Paz by plane or through the Titikaka Lake from Puno, Peru. This turquoise colored lake was considered the sacred lake of the Incas and it was the center of the development of the ancient civilizations of the South American continent. Its main tourist spot is the Inti Wata complex in Sun Island. La Paz is a city of contrasts, with a wide variety of cultures. The attractions here are Tiwanaku, a ceremonial site in Pre Colombian cultures. The Valley of Yungas is the perfect sample of the Bolivian geography. Two cites outstand among the rest: Sucre and Potosi. Sucre is the historic capital of Bolivia. Today, Sucre is a cultural World Heritage site. The city was founded in 1538 with a deep colonial style and it was witness to the many battles for independence in colonial times on the 19th century. Churches, religious sculptures and paintings are a sample of its beautiful past. On the other hand, Potosi is a cultural World Heritage site too, as well as a natural World Heritage site due to the magnificent wealth provided by Mother Nature. The Salar de Uyuni is one of the main tourist attractions Bolivia offers. It is one of the most imposing geological resources in the planet displaying a unique beauty, which is difficult to describe. You can only visit the Salar and be witness of its natural charm yourself. It resembles an impressive white ocean and it holds the largest deposit of lithium in the whole world. The Salar is surrounded by sculptural rocks and Altiplanic lakes in the Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve of Andean Fauna.

Trips to Chile

Starting in the north to get to know the Dessert of Atacama and its Altiplanic lagoons such as Miscanti and Minñiques, the Tario Geysers or the archeological ruins of Tulor. You will travel south in order to visit the capital city of Santiago de Chile, visiting the major wineries in the trans-Andean country, such as Concha y Toro, or you can visit Valparaíso. Then you continue south as far as the Lake District region, discovering Puerto Varas and Frutillar, where you can climb the Osorno volcano or sail through the Patagonian fiords and channels in Puerto Montt. You will visit the region of Couhaique, the hot springs of Puyahuapi and the Carretera Austral (Southern Highway) as far as Balmaceda and Puerto Aysén. Now, you leave the Northern Chilean Patagonia in order to visit Torres del Paine National Park departing from Puerto Natales and Chile's southernmost city, Punta Arenas, where you can take a boat to Magdalena Island or even embark on the southernmost sailing of the continent which connects this Portuguese colonial style city to the southernmost city in the whole world, Ushuaia, sailing the Magellan Strait, Cape Horns and the Beagle Channel.

Trips to Brazil

Travel to Amazonia, the real lungs of Earth, located in the middle of the densest rainforest on the whole world. Amazonia is one of the places with the most biodiversity. The best way to get to know this wild region isolated from the modern world is sailing rivers Negro and Amazonas on a cruise ship or luxury boat. You will depart from Manaos for this great adventure on the Amazon basin, discovering a variety of national parks such as January Ecological Park or Jau National Park, where the largest forestall reserve in South America is located, close to the Anavilhanas Islands archipelago (the largest river archipelago in the whole world.) You will visit Rio de Janeiro the capital city with warm waters and powder sand beaches as well as close by destinations such as Buzios, Angra dos Reis or Paraty.

Trips to Uruguay

Uruguay offers many options from Montevideo, the Uruguayan capital displaying a variety of architectural styles such as art deco and art nouveau mixed with state-of-the-art buildings. You can visit the Cabildo, the Cathedral and the Port watching classic building styles until you reach the Torre de las Comunicaciones (Communications Tower) regarded as a cutting-edge building. Montevideo is synonym of cultural life and you can enjoy an interesting offer of artists such as Juan Manuel Blanes, Rafael Barradas, José Cuneo among others. Close to Montevideo, one of the most glamorous cities in South America is located: Punta del Este. The features of this city are residential luxury homes, state-of-the-art buildings facing the ocean, imposing yachts and high class people. You can also visit Colonia de Sacramento and its Old Town declared World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1995. The streets are lined up by Portuguese and Spanish colonial style constructions. The most outstanding spots are Calle de los Suspiros (Sighs Street), the Lighthouse and San Francisco Convent Ruins, as well as the House of the Viceroy and the Gate to the Citadel.

Different Programs around South America

We offer different programs around South America, from complete 45-day itineraries departing from Colombia, continuing on Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina and finishing in Uruguay and Brazil, to other itineraries requiring less number of days, such as Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay in 30 days.

There are 2 shorter options: Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina in 21 days, or Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay in 15 days. These South American programs can be designed according to the client's requirements. The departing destination can be Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago de Chile, Bogota or Lima. Important Notice: bear in mind that adding more countries to these trips increases the final price significantly, due to international flight fare. This is why when choosing 2 or more countries, we always recommend getting to know them thoroughly or visiting the main destinations on each region.