Travel to Argentina & South America

Itineraries and tours around Argentina from the Northwestern Region, visiting La Rioja, Catamarca, Tucumán, Salta and Jujuy, and marveling at the Falls and Wetlands in the Northeastern Region. In the Central Region, Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Cuyo (San Juan and Mendoza) Northern Patagonia, travelling to San Martín de los Andes, Bariloche, Esquel and Puerto Madryn. And Southern Patagonia, visiting Ushuaia, Calafate, El Chaltén. South America includes Chile, from the Atacama Desert, Santiago de Chile, the Lake District, as far as Torres del Paine. Bolivia, and the Salar de Uyuni, colonial cities such as Sucre and Potosí, the Tiwanaku Ruins and La Paz, its capital city, to enter Peru through the Titicaca Lake, in order to continue to Arequipa and Cusco, for visiting the Machu Picchu Ruins. Brazil and the cruises to the Amazon River. Uruguay, travelling to Montevideo, its capital city, Punta del Este and Colonia del Sacramento. Ecuador and the fabulous North and West Galápagos Islands.

Argentina Tours & South America

Trips around Argentina

If you are about a Argentina tours, you have a variety of options to choose from depending the number of available days for your trip. We have designed two kinds of combined trips to Argentina – the classic north to south trips and on the other hand, the first class trips. These itineraries last 30, 21 or 15 days. The main difference on these trips is transfers, tours and lodging. On classic trips, transfers are group transfers, whereas in first class, transfers are private. On classic trips we offer traditional tours, whereas on the VIP programs, it's exclusive group tours for sailing or private tours for half day or 1 day tours. Finally, on classic trips, hotels are 3 to 4 stars, whereas on first class tours you will stay at 4+ or 5 star hotels or boutique hotels.

Combined Argentina tours

If you prefer travelling to one or just a few destinations exclusively, you can choose a trip by region.

Our trips are divided into 5 regions:

Argentina's Regions:

  1. Buenos Aires and surroundings: Buenos Aires Province
  2. Falls and Wetlands: Provinces of Misiones, Corrientes and Entre Ríos
  3. Northwestern Region of Argentina: Provinces of Jujuy, Salta, Tucumán, Catamarca and La Rioja
  4. Central Region and Cuyo: Provinces of San Juan, Mendoza, San Luis and Córdoba
  5. Patagonia: Provinces of Río Negro, Neuquén, Chubut, Santa Cruz and Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego.

Combining Destinations...

You can choose trips around each region or you can also combine regions. For example, you can travel to Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls and Salta. In this last case, we recommend choosing among nearby destinations in order to keep flight costs low.

The best combinations are among Buenos Aires, Uruguay, and the Iguazu Falls or the Northwestern Region with the Central Region and Cuyo. Patagonia is very big, this is why we recommended getting to know Northern Patagonia thoroughly, including San Martín de los Andes, Bariloche, Esquel and Puerto Madryn, or going down directly as far as Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego in order to explore Southern Patagonia and El Calafate and El Chaltén.

Tourist Destinations
Combinations of Tourist Destinations Number of Days
BUE + IGR 7 days
BUE + ROU 7 days
BUE + IGR + RIO 10 days
BUE + IGR + SLA + JUJ 14 days
BUE + COR + UAQ + IRJ + MDZ 14 days
COR + MDZ + UAQ + IRJ + CTC + TUC + SLA + JUJ 21 days
BUE + IGR + SLA + JUJ + MDZ + UAQ + IRJ 21 days

Important Notice: We do not recommend trips less than 15 days long visiting over 5 destinations that are far in between. The reason is clear: First, you are going to spend over 4 days on connecting flights. Second, your trip will be too expensive considering the number of flight tickets and the little time available. And Finally, you will get to know very little at each place you visit. Although it seems to be obvious, this recommendation is not so obvious, since you can easily find offers for trips to Argentina (especially in Europe) where you can visit on the same trip: Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, Salta, Mendoza, Puerto Madryn and Ushuaia or El Calafate in only 14 days! Bear in mind, Argentina is a big country and the distance between tourist destinations is pretty far.

Unusual Argentina tours: Blue Route and Route 40

Other 2 interesting options that are unusual: Taking the Bule Route along the Atlantic Ocean from Puerto Madryn to Monte León National Park or exploring wild and quiet Patagonia along Route 40, visiting El Calafate and Los Antiguos.

Trips around South America

We offer different programs around South America, such as full 45-day itineraries starting in Colombia, continuing in Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and finishing in Uruguay and Brazil. Shorter itineraries with a lower number of days include Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay in 30 days. There are two even shorter options, such as Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina in 21 days, and Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay in 15 days.

These South American routes can be tailor-made according to customer's preferences. They can start either in Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago de Chile, Bogotá or Lima. Notice that the higher the number of countries included in your itinerary, the highest the final price for the trip, due to international flight fares. This is why if you choose 2 or more countries to visit, we always recommend taking maximum advantage of your trip. Otherwise, just visit the main attractions on each region.

South America offers endless options to explore it...

Tours Colombia, Sun and Caribbean Beaches

We recommend exploring Colombian Amazonia, visiting Barranquilla during the night on board of a typical "chiva" around the best rumba gigs. Visit Bogotá, the capital city. Then on to Cali, the beautiful city of salsa, visiting sugar cane farms. You can travel to Cartagena and explore its Old Town, reach Barú Island and Playa Blanca or devote one day to Rosario Islands exclusively. You can enjoy the sunlight and the beaches of San Andrés in the Colombian Caribbean, taking a short underwater tour, or you can swim with manta rays or visit Johnny Cay Natural Park and you can also go snorkeling. Another excellent option is visiting Santa Marta for trekking among reedbeds and reefs at Tayrona Park.

Tours Ecuador among Giant Tortoises and Ivory Colored Beaches...

Your trip to Ecuador will take you to the Galápagos Islands. With extreme vegetation and a rich endemic fauna, Galápagos invites you to one of the main natural paradises in the whole world. Galápagos is one of the most renowned national parks in South America. It offers ivory sand beaches, such as Tortuga Bay, with lava tunnels, scuba diving areas, a marine reserve where prehistoric animals and beautiful colorful birds abound. The archipelago includes thirteen main islands and the weather is subtropical. Galápagos is one of the most interesting trips around South America. You can visit the colonial cities of Quito, the Ecuadorian capital city, and Cuenca. There are also tours around the Ecuadorian Andes as far as the Pacific Coast or into Amazonia through Napo River.

Peru, Ruins of Machu Picchu and The Roads of the Inca...

Continuing on our trips to South America, Peru offers programs for visiting Lima, its capital city, located on the Pacific Coast, in the central region of the country, surrounded by deserts and valleys. Its main attractions are the remnants of the Inca's past, at the Ruins of Machu Picchu in Cusco, the enigmatic Nazca Lines over the Pampas de Jumana, the Roads of the Inca or the Sun Route. The Ruins of Machu Picchu, which means old mountain in the Quechua language, is the current name given to a very old Andean-Inca town built on the mount where massifs Huayna Picchu and Machu Picchu converge, dating from late 15th Century.

Bolivia, among Salt Flats and Colonial History...

Trips to Bolivia getting to know the highest altitude navigable lake: Lake Titicaca. This lake is located on the Andean Plateau, in the border between Peru and Bolivia. Its surface is 3,500 sq. mile and it lies at 12,400 feet above sea level. Its maximum depth is estimated at 1,500 feet. You can visit the Salar de Uyuni taking the train from Oruro and marvel at Colorada and Verde Lagoons. Another relevant tourist attraction in Bolivia is the Amazon Rainforest and Park Kempff or Amboró. And you cannot leave without visiting two main colonial cities, Sucre and Potosí.

Tours Chile Surrounded by Mountains and Ocean...

Starting at Chile, you can get to know the imposing Torres del Paine in the Southern Region of Chile, as well as the city of Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales. Torres del Paine National Park is located at Última Esperanza, well known for its huge granite mountains, shaped by glacier activity. If you continue to the north, you will find the Island of Chiloé, the area of Coyahique and the Lake District, as well as cities such as Puerto Varas and Frutillar. In the central region of this trans-Andean country, you can visit the capital city, Santiago de Chile, and Valparaíso, a very important port, as well as the beach cities of Reñaca and Zapallar. In the Chilean Plateau, main attractions are the Atacama Desert, the Altiplanic Lagoons of Miñiques and Miscant, the Ruins of Tulor and geysers, especially Tatio Geyser.

Tours Brazil, Rainforest and Mythical Amazonia...

Trips to Brazil, where you can lie on the many beaches along the Atlantic Ocean, from Florianopolis, in the south, passing by Angra dos Reis or Paraty, as far as Salvador de Bahia or even further north, to Natal or Fortaleza. If you want adventure travel, nothing better than the Amazon River in the middle of the rainforest. You start your trip in Manaos on board of an expedition cruise exploring Negro River and Amazon River.

Tours Uruguay, Candombe, Mate and Beaches

Trips to Uruguay visiting Punta del Este a beautiful, glamorous and hip beach city. You can also visit Montevideo, the large Charrúa capital or you can combine a trip to Colonia del Sacramento, a charming colonial city located close to Buenos Aires. If you want springs and relaxation, nothing can top a visit to Uruguayan springs Daymán or Arapey.