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Get to know classic itineraries around this cosmopolitan city. Buenos Aires is the major city in Argentina and it is one of the ten most populated cities in the world. It was a trade center at colonial times, since it was a main port connecting to the Atlantic Ocean where European ships arrived. Today, it is still an international trade center and a tourist destination. The city area is 77 sq miles; its natural borders are the Río de la Plata and the Riachuelo. The weather is warm and humid. Its historic center shows the contrasts of a major city. There are a many religious temples and majestic buildings from old times mixing with refurbished old work.

Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires Full
Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Full

A tour of Buenos Aires that covers all from the classical to interesting excursions that takes us into its history. We discover the old Buenos Aires with its historical centre, from the Plaza de Mayo until the Plaza de Congress, the old zone that goes from the Manzana de las Luces...

Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires Express
Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Express

The tour incorporates the classic itinerary of this cosmopolitan city. Buenos Aires, on the banks of the River Plate, exhibits in its historic centre the contrast of a great city. It reflects its affluent past in its buildings of different styles especially the Spanish and French...

Buenos Aires - Learning Tango in Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires

Learning Tango in Buenos Aires

This program has been designed to get to know Buenos Aires from the point of view of the Tango and classes are available for those new to the Tango or experienced dancers. We make a tour of different dance locations and also places...

Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls & Colonia in 7 days
Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls & Colonia in 7 days

This itinerary combines the two most popular destinations visited from Buenos Aires: the Iguazú Falls in the north of Argentina and Colonia del Sacramento, a typical colonial style Uruguayan city that is the other side of the River Plate...

Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires & Uruguay in 7 days
Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires & Uruguay in 7 days

We go to the very distinctive capital Montevideo, one of the most popular South American summer beach playgrounds, Punta del Este, with its Mansa and Brava beaches and finally Colonia del Sacramento with its Spanish architecture...

Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls & Río in 9 days
Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls & Río in 9 days

This is the most popular tour uniting four attractive destinations in one itinerary: Buenos Aires, Salta, Iguazú and Río and that can be done by direct flights avoiding the repetitive return to the hub of Buenos Aires. We begin in Bs.As...

Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires, Córdoba & Norhtwest
Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Córdoba & Norhtwest

A new program that joins Buenos Aires with the centre and north of Argentina going by Rosario in the province of Santa Fé and followed by Córdoba to see the route of the Jesuit Estancias, the Calamuchita Valley and Cumbrecita. Later we...


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7 trips to the best places in the City of Buenos Aires and its surroundings

Buenos Aires, the great southern capital located along the banks of the Río de la Plata, reveals in its historic center the contrasts of a large city. Its past, with many religious temples and majestic buildings merges with its present, with refurbished old work. The city history coexists with the hectic pace of the 21st century revealing the secret formula for its city charm. The old downtown of this large urban center includes the traditional Plaza de Mayo, Avenida de Mayo (May Avenue) as far as Plaza del Congreso. Colonial facades, Spanish appearance, European styles and “porteño” taste join all together in every block.

The heart of the city is made up by the downtown area, the financial and commercial hub, the Plaza San Martin with its stately architecture, a haven from the city rush, the Calle Florida (Florida Street) and the Plaza Lavalle (Lavalle Square), leading to the emblematic Obelisco, and the mythical Calle Corrientes, where most opera theaters are located. The city is still colonial with a bohemian mixture, taking us back to the past in the Manzana de Las Luces (Illuminated Block) as far as San Telmo and the southern part of the Montserrat area. Finally, the new modern face of the city widely opens to the Río de la Plata: the natural haven of the ecological reserve at Costanera Sur and the recycled docks at Puerto Madero make this a sophisticated area where many restaurants are located.

Tours around Buenos Aires

You have the option of taking a classic tour around the City of Buenos Aires lasting 4 hours or the option of walking around its more traditional areas. At the historic center, you will visit Plaza de Mayo (May Square), Casa Rosada (Government House), Catedral Metropolitana (Metropolitan Cathedral) and the Cabildo. Then you need to head to the Avenida de Mayo, where the wide sidewalks are shaded by platano trees leading to the Plaza Congreso, and stop for a coffee break at the traditional Tortoni Café, open since 1858. For your stay in Buenos Aires experiencing a tango dancing night and attending an Argentine soccer classic match (such as Boca Juniors vs. Río de la Plata, or some other major soccer team like San Lorenzo, Racing or Independiente) during the weekend should be mandatory!

You can also go sailing among lush vegetation and local wildlife in the Río de la Plata and the Delta del Tigre. Or you can travel to the Province of Buenos Aires and visit a traditional Argentine “estancia”, where identity is still based on farm culture and the “gaucho” is the icon of the farm-rancher tradition, the historic powerhouse for the economic development in Argentina. You will find a number of “estancias”: El Ombú de Areco with its oaks, araucarias, eucalyptus and its traditional ombu trees. Estancia Cinacina, where a “gaucho” museum is located. Estancia La Bamba with a colonial style, including a bay window, covered arcades and a yard with a water well or Estancia La Porteña which was once home of poet and author Ricardo Güiraldes. Another good option is visiting Luján, a city renowned for its Neo-Gothic style basilica, regarded as the most important Catholic temple in Argentina. You can also visit La Plata, capital of the Province of Buenos Aires, to enjoy the beautiful architecture along its diagonal streets full of flowers and the great lungs of the city at Parque Pereyra Iraola.

Your visit to Buenos Aires may also be an invitation to cross the river for a short trip to the lovely colonial city of Colonia del Sacramento. If you happen to have a few extra days, you can also visit the nostalgic city of Montevideo and the gentle or rough sea beaches of Punta del Este. Combining the city of Buenos Aires with Uruguay and Brazil is a tempting option. You can start your travel at the “Paris of South America”, then continue to the Uruguayan coastline and northbound as far as the amazing Iguazú Falls and the Iguazú National Park and finish your trip at the beautiful warm beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

The tours of Buenos Aires are:

  1. Buenos Aires Full
  2. Buenos Aires Express
  3. Learning Tango in Buenos Aires
  4. Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls & Colonia in 7 days
  5. Buenos Aires & Uruguay in 7 days
  6. Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls & Río in 9 days
  7. Buenos Aires, Córdoba & Norhtwest