A very exclusive week in El Calafate, advancing into the Perito Moreno Glacier, spending a day in one of the best estancias in the region and sailing the ice zone of Los Glaciares National Park, from Bahía Tranquila, knowing the Upsala and Spegazzini Glaciers to Bahía Toro and Mayo y Negro Glaciers up to Perito Moreno.

Calafate First Class in 7 days

Calafate First Class in 7 days
7 Days - 6 Nights
  1. Trip to the Center of the most famous Glacier on the Planet
  2. Field Day in Los Glaciares National Park
  3. Vip Navigation on Lake Argentino to Puerto de Vacas
  4. Mini trekking Perito Moreno Glacier
  5. Balcón del Calafate in 4x4: Labyrinth of Stones and Stone of the Hats
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7 days - 6 nights

Day 1 - El Calafate

Reception and transfer from Calafate Airport to the Hotel.

Day 2 - Journey to the centre of the most famous glacier in the world (Big Ice)

If we have already visited the glacier from the outside, this is the opportunity to discover it from the inside. Like Jules Verne's 'Journey to the centre of the earth' book, this is a trip to the centre of the most famous glacier. For four hours we walk on top of the frozen surface with the object to arrive to the 'seracs', giant ice structures, where the ice folds.

We begin our crossing between the ice structures on the Port 'Bajo de las Sombras' in order to sail along the waters of the Brazo Rico until we arrive at the western coast. Before we start the adventure we receive instructions from the professional mountain guides who explain how to use the materials and help us to obtain the necessary equipment. We advise using sun glasses.

We are now ready to take the path that takes us to the southern moraine of the Perito Moreno Glacier (the area where the ice and ground join together). After an hour of walking we reach an astonishing place: a viewpoint where we have an impressive view of the glaciers and their surrounds. From here, we enter to the interior of the glacier to discover new landscapes such as grand sumps, white caves, very deep crevices and blue lagoons. We find a place which gives us unforgettable images and postcards of the journey to the centre of the glacier. During the excursion, we learn about glaciology, wildlife and native flora thanks to the participation of the guides who are specialists in these subjects. Around midday we have time for lunch and admire the landscapes that surround us.

We continue the trail to the moraine, walking for another hour until we finish our hike. We then embark in order to get closer to the southern wall of the Perito Moreno. Late in the afternoon we return to El Calafate. If you want to see other excursion options in Calafate, click here: Tours in Calafate.

Important Note: This excursion is only available from middle of September to the end of April. It is a demanding excursion where the terrain is irregular and only persons between 18 and 45 years old and in good physical shape can do it. Pregnant women are not authorized. The entrance fee to the National Park is neither included, nor for personal equipment, or the box lunch (is the responsibility of each person). We advise the use of sun glasses and sun protector of a minimum of factor 30, light clothing but warm, a sun visor, rain proof jacket, gloves, hiking boots (not rubber boots), rucksack of 40 litres, water bottle and lunch box for personal food.

Day 3 - A day in the country inside Los Glaciares National Park (Nibepo Aike)

We visit an estancia that is located inside the National Park. After the welcoming we go to the Brazo Sur of the Argentino Lake watching and enjoying the amazing views to the glaciers and the different levels of water that have eroded the rocks. It is possible to verify the different folds of rocks that were produced by sediments. On our way we discover an ancient forest of nothofagus, that is the habitat for the caranchos, eagles, maras etc. We will be able to enjoy how skillfull are the country men with their control and love for their horses (generally, they are local breeding animals), manual shearing of the sheeps, how to classify the wool and how to bale it.

Then, we visit the old quarters of the estancia and its organic garden. We can have roast lamb or a country barbecue for lunch together with special salads prepared with fresh vegetables from its gardens and homemade desert. Once we are rested, we return to our walk so we can get to a unique panoramic point from where we can see two branchs of the Argentino and the beautiful Roca Lake. The Perito Moreno Glacier finishes both in the Brazo Rico and the Brazo Sur of the Argentino Lake. This valley is not very often seen and its southern access is the less visited of the Southern Ice Fields.

Day 4 - Navigation Vip across the Argentino Lake to Puerto Vacas

We present ourselves at the La Soledad private port in Tranquila Bay, Punta Bandera, in order to embark on the cruiser that takes us to see the region of imposing glaciers in the Los Glaciares National Park.

In the middle of the morning we cruise to the northern sector, leaving on the way the Punta Avellaneda and Boca del Diablo(Devil's Mouth), being the widest part of the Argentino Lake, with an extension of some 800 metres. We cross green and turquoise waters full of icebergs that drift across our passage. The sensation of navigating between icebergs is really unforgettable and unique and here we are witnesses to the diverse forms, colours and sizes of what nature has authorized.

We follow the Brazo Norte for about one hour seeing lumps of ice with such distinct characteristics of opaque colours and translucence inviting us to imagine the forms of the objects. The ice blocks indicate to us that we are close to the Upsala Glacier. There we have a front wall of ice that actually cuts the passage until the Upsala Canal, without doubt, with good weather we can perceive the glacier of the same name from afar. It is so impressive due to its dimensions and there the walls are up to 60 metres high.

Continuing with the navigation chart of the Argentino Lake we are directed now to the south, towards the Spegazzini Canal, that is close to our next stop to appreciate its glacier. We are treated to a great mass of ice that rises up to between 80 and 135 metres, being a river of ice that descends a rocky slope and abruptly falls into the lake. This icescape is our place to have lunch, having a privileged view whilst enjoying the delicious food offered in the cruiser.

In the afternoon we arrive at the Puesto de las Vacas, a peaceful bay that is in the Spegazzini Canal, there we enjoy a rest in the middle of the silence, listening only to the sound of the water and we can take a short walk in the surroundings to feel the sensation of such quietness and appreciate the different forms and sizes of the icebergs that fall. From this place we have some spectacular views of the Spegazzini Glacier. Immediately after the walk around the bay we embark again to have a snack there in preparation for our trip to Argentino Lake. Our final stretch is to cross the Argentino Lake back to the La Soledad Port in order to toast the successful end to this marvelous adventure. We disembark after 16 hrs to be taken back to El Calafate.

Day 5 - Mini trekking to the Perito Moreno Glacier

To undertake this brief hike we need to cross the Rich Lake and then we arrive to the south east coast after a few minutes of navigation, which is in front of the southern wall of the glacier. Here we disembark and we go to the refuge where we are organized in groups. We begin our short 15 minutes walk going around the lake until we arrive to the glacier. Here we prepare our specialized equipment for trekking on ice. We suggest using hiking boots with thick socks, preferably woolen (it is not possible to use rubber boots because they are too slippery.

The track takes less than two hours to walk at a normal rhythm and we can discover a great variety of types and sizes of crevices, sump holes, small lagoons, and 'seracs' that are great blocks of ice divided by fissures caused by internal movements. We learn about the local flora and wildlife of the place and some other features of the glaciers: for example the continuous and incredible advance of the glacier leaving behind giant pieces of ice. We start our return through an Andean Magellan Forest covered in plants and typical trees of the southern Patagonia.

Note: This tour is available nearly all year round except for June and July. The people suitable for this expedition are those between 10 and 65 years old approximately. It all depends upon the physical condition of the person. It is forbidden for pregnant women, people with illnesses related to heart, movement or coordination. We do not recommend this tour for overweight people. Smoking is not allowed throughout the programme.

Day 6 - Balcón del Calafate 4x4: Laberinto de Piedras & Piedra de los Sombreros

We leave behind the city of El Calafate in order to climb up to 1,000 metres to enter the first Balcony. We will keep in our mind the classical postcard view taking notice of the city and the Argentino Lake. Depending on the weather conditions, it is possible to see the Fitz Roy and Torre Mountains and see the odd condor flying over the Andino Mountain chain. The trail continues until the Laberinto de Piedras (Stone Labyrinth) watching the fossil remains of the Cretaceous Period. We now continue descending until we arrive at the Piedra de los Sombreros (Hat Stones), where we have an optional lunch and take a good rest. We follow on with our return to El Calafate by descending to the northern area, with the presence of the Argentino Lake on the way.

Note: This program is available between September and May.

Day 7 - El Calafate

Breakfast in the Hotel. Transfer to Calafate Airport. End of our services.

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