Skorpios III Cruise
South Ice Fields
Kaweskar route

The Kaweskar Route explores the Southern Ice Field, located in the southern Patagonia. It covers an area of almost 14.000 km2 to approximately 350 kilometres long and it produces 48 basins which origin is glacier. It is considered as one of the main reserves of fresh water in the world, which is one of the most important glaciary regions in the Patagonia, where there are the Amalia Glacier and Calvo Fjord. This journey takes its name to honour the Kaweskar natives who lived in this area.

Southern Ice Fields - Kaweskar Route: Skorpios III

4 days - 3 nights

Puerto Natales / Glaciar Amalia / Puerto Natales

The route navigation ice fields south sailing from Puerto Natales to the Amalia Glacier, visiting glaciers as El Brujo, Fernando, Captain Constantine, Calvo Fjord Fjord Mountains to return back to Puerto Natales on a round trip itinerary (of return to Puerto Natales).

Southern Ice Fields - Kaweskar Route: Skorpios III

Skorpios III - Route Kaweskar (Puerto Natales)

The M/N Skorpios III, does this same itinerary which accommodates 110 passengers in its 49 cabines, set sails twice a week and navigates from september to april. It departs from the port station of Skorpios in Puerto Natales, the famous southern chilean city because it is near to Torres del Paine. You can get there to Punta Arenas and then we take a bus to Puerto Natales, even in high season it might be direct flights. You can also get there by bus from El Calafate.

The motorship has advanced technology regarding to telecommunications and it includes satelital navigation. Its cabins are covered in native woods and they are air-conditioned. There are master suites, junior suites, marital doubles, A and B doubles and singles. All of them have private toillet, LCD TV, frigobar, functional music, electronic locks and safe deposit boxes. The ship has decks, rooms and dinnig-rooms for 130 people. During the journey, the lectures will be translated to english at the same time. It has 2 bars for smokers and non smokers.

The motorship M/N Skorpios III, was built in 1995 by the very same shipyards of the Kochifas family, The ship is 70 metres long and 10 metres beam, and almost 3,5 metres of draught, a little bigger than the Skorpios II. Its cabins are decorated with wood which are distribuited in 5 decks, all of them with private bathroom, TV LCD and background music. Accommodations can be marital or twin cabin. The ship offers two stylish bar rooms, one of them is the main dinning-room or Quitralco room allowed for smokers and the other one is the San Rafael Bar allowed for non smokers.

4 days - 3 nights

Day 1 - Puerto Natales, Patagonic Channels.

We will sail from Puerto Natales to start our journey along the patagonic channels od Angostura Kirke, Morla Vicuña, Unión, Collingwood and Sarmiento.

Day 2 - Amalia Glaciers, El Brujo, Fernando, Alipio & Calvo and de Las Montañas Fjords During the morning, we will arrive at Amalia Glacier, to which we will get as closer as we can.

We will leave the Amalia Glacier to look for another glacier: El Brujo. Before midday we will get to El Brujo Glacier, we will try to descend if the ice and weather conditions allows us to. As soon as the sunlights are in a perpendicular position to the earth´s crust, we will sail to go look for the Calvo Fjord. Once we get to the fjord, we will do a visit on board the Constantino Captain´s ship so we can cross the ice and arrive at the Fernando, Capitán Constantino and Alipio Glaciers. At twilight, we will set sail to de Las Montañas Fjord.

Day 3 - Bernal, Herman, Alsina and Paredes Glaciers

In the morning, we will visit de Las Montañas Fjord with our main objective to watch a great quantity of glaciers which hang off the Cordillera de los Andes. We will go to know the Bernal Glacier, where we will do a trekking along the vegetation to end in the base of the glacier. We will also get to Herman Glacier where we will tour the bay and we will appreciate its natural beauty together with the different shades of the ice floes. All this will be made if the tide conditions allows us to.

Continuing with our glaciers discovery, we will see the Alsina and Paredes Glaciers. In the afternoon, we will return to de Las Montañas Fjord to set sail and navigate to the Angostura Kirke crossing. At night we will get ready for the farewell party together with a dinner with the captain and a ball. After this special night, we will draw in the Skorpios Terminal in Puerto Natales.

Day 4 - Skorpios Terminal in Punta Natales

We will disembark in the terminal in Puerto Natales, those who payed for the transfer service by bus to Punta Arenas´ Airport, they will be waiting for. End of our services.

Season M/N Skorpios III 2024-2025

Prices: Southern Ice Fields- Route Kaweskar - 2024-2025
SINGLE Low 3.780 USD
High 4.080 USD
High 2.720 USD
DOUBLE EXT Low 2.650 USD 2.790 USD 2.790 USD
High 2.860 USD 2.980 USD 2.980 USD
High 3.130 USD
High 3.390 USD
High 3.690 USD
EXTRA BED Low 1.520 USD 1.590 USD 1.680 USD 1.750 USD 1.750 USD
High 1.640 USD 1.720 USD 1.790 USD 1.900 USD 1.900 USD
Departures: Southern Ice Fields- Route Kaweskar 2024-2025
Season Low
OCT 2024 14 19 25 30
NOV 2024 05 10 16 21 27
DEC 2024 02 08 13 19
MAR 2025 06 11 17 22 28
APR 2025 02 07 12 17 23
Season High
DEC 2024 24 30
JAN 2025 04 10 15 21 26  
FEB 2025 01 06 12 17 23 28

Map of Route

 Southern Ice Fields - Kaweskar Route: Skorpios III

Characteristics of the M / N Skorpios III

Specifications and technical data of the M / N Skorpios III

The M/N Skorpios III was built in the Skorpios company's shipyards between the years 1994-1995, under Chilean and international ship regulations, such as SOLAS, IMO, Classification ABS (American Bureau of Shipping), and AI ice, granting it to the high degree of reliability and security. It is equipped with the most advanced naval engineering system and navigation equipment (marine, radar, GPS, GMDSS, Global Maritime Distress and Safety System), security and salvage systems, fire stations, smoke sensors, sprinklers, Carbon Dioxide extinguishers, etc. In addition, it counts on a global satellite telephone service, for passenger use, according to the current rates.

Equipped with the best 5 star nautical hotelier & navigating the Kaweskar Explorers Route, "Our Super Class", with an average capacity of 100 passengers, in 45 luxurious cabins with low beds.

Amongst the services of the Skorpios that are highlighted are: (the bar is always open, without additional fee), passengers can visit all areas of the ship without restriction (from the machine room, to control the bridge, even the kitchen). Gastronomical needs are provided for without restriction & menu changes are accepted without additional cost, games and reading rooms, smoking and non-smoking bars, bilingual trip information, simultaneous chat translations, satellite telephone, cable & TV public and all of the commodities of hotelier that correspond to a luxurious service.

Technical Data

  • Total Length: 70.00 meters
  • Stroking Beam: 10 meters
  • Modeling Depth: 4.20 meters
  • Volume moved: 1210 tons
  • Power: 1,800 h.p
  • Speed: 14 knots
  • Range: 2,000 thousand
  • Maximum Capacity: 125
  • Cabins: 55
  • Crew: 34
  • Year: 1995
  • Rating: A.B.S.
  • Sola / Imo

General information

Important information

Boarding Fee

No port tax must be paid during navigation, only the boarding fee is paid, which is approximately US $ 10.

Satellite Telephony

On board the ship there is satellite telephony, you can speak anywhere in the world, according to the rate corresponding to each destination.


The on-board voltage is 220 volts AC (50 cycles)


It is recommended to wear clothing necessary for excursions, such as trekking shoes, parka or waterproof jacket, hat, scarf, sunglasses, sunscreen. The swimsuit is advisable to wear it for those who do the crossing in the M / N Skorpios II. Comfortable shoes should also be worn for use on the boat and thick shoes (borceguíes) for exits or for the deck of the boat. You can wear formal clothes for the gala night. The boat does not offer the haircut service to the crew, if there is a light laundry service (laundry).


On the Chonos Route during spring and autumn the temperature is between 5 ° and 20 ° C, in summer the temperature rises a little, ranging between 10 ° and 25 ° C, some may exist Days that exceed the maximum temperature. On the Kaweskar Route the temperature in spring and autumn is even lower, averaging 8 °, while in summer the weather is very similar on both routes.

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