M/V Ushuaia

The USHUAIA has 46 cabins, for 88 passengers, four decks and an open-bridge policy. The ship was built by request of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to be an oceanographic ship. Later on, the ship was sold and refurbished to become a means of transport for passengers to Antarctica. For this reason, it has been equipped with cutting-edge communication and navigation equipment and the best service standards in the Antarctic industry. It offers two zodiac boats, which enable an easy access to places that are otherwise difficult to reach by ship.

M/V Ushuaia

M/V Ushuaia is an Argentine cruise ship currently operated by Antarpply Expeditions S.A., with headquarters in the city of Ushuaia, in the province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands. It was built by the NOAA of the United States.

M/V Ushuaia

M/V Ushuaia description


Cabins provide ample storage space. The ship has 46 cabins with individual temperature control. Housekeeping will clean your cabin every morning. Bed clothes will be changed once a week during the expedition or more frequently if you request it. Clean towels are provided exclusively upon request, since we encourage preservation of the environment using as little detergent as possible. If you hang your towels, we will assume you will reuse them. If your towels are left on the floor, we will assume you want clean ones. Cabins do not have a safe. If you wish to keep your valuables safe please speak to the captain. The company is not liable for the loss of personal items. Some cabins provide a hairdryer.

Detail of cabins the M/V Ushuaia
Cabin Type Deck Bathroom Bunks or beds
4 Suites Window Upper Deck G Private bathroom Low twin bed
2 Premier Single Privadas Porthole Upper Deck G Private bathroom Single bed
6 Premier Twin Privadas Window Upper Deck G Private bathroom Low queen bed
9 Superior Twin Privadas Vista exterior Upper Deck G Private bathroom Low twin bed
12 Standard Plus Twin Semi-Privadas Porthole Deck E Shared bathroom Low beds + bunk
11 Standard Plus Twin Privadas Porthole Deck E Private bathroom Bouble beds
2 Standard Plus Triple Privadas Porthole Deck E Private bathroom Low beds


W.C. in bathrooms are prepared for this kind of trips – they are highly efficient bur also very delicate. You should not dispose anything but small amounts of toilet paper. Used tissues and such are to be disposed of in the wastebasket.


There is a large restaurant where meals for passengers are served. The dining room is located on Main Deck F. Dining tables are not assigned by cabin, so passengers choose their preferred spot. Four meals are served: Continental breakfast or American style breakfast, lunch (buffet or seated-served), snack and dinner (appetizer, main course and desert.) The schedule for meals is published during the trip, depending on land tours offered. Tea and coffee are available throughout the day.

On the ship, you will also find a bar, observation lounge/conference room equipped with multimedia, library, dressing room and a small infirmary. Our captains and officers are experts on Antarctic sailing and they have a passion for nature. Our excellent expedition team is made up of an Expedition Leader, guides and lecturers with a wide experience on Antarctica. They are all engaged and committed to environmental protection. Our chefs prepare a wide variety of dishes, including local specialties. The bar offers an excellent, wide selection of wines and alcoholic drinks.


A library is located on the Main Deck F offering a good selection of international titles, with and emphasis on books related to the South Pole. Board games and cards are also available for passengers.

Flat Roofs and M/V Ushuaia Cabins

Bridge Deck H

Bridge Deck H

Upper Deck G

Upper Deck G

4 Suites 2 Cabins Premier Single Private (view blocked by lifeboat)
6 Cabins Premier Twin Private 9 Cabins Superior Twin Private

Main Deck F

Main Deck F

Deck E

Deck E Standard Twin 408, 410, 412, 414, 416, 418,420,422 Standard Twin 407,409,411,413 Standard Plus Twin 425 Standard Plus Twin 423 Standard Plus Twin 631 630,632,636,638 Standard Plus Twin 640 Standard Plus Triple 639 Standard Plus Twin 633,635,637

12 Cabins Standard Plus Twin Semi-Private (view blocked by lifeboat)
11 Cabins Standard Plus Twin Private 2 Cabins Standard Plus Triple Private

Note: Shared bathroom: the bathroom is shared between two cabins (as maximum four people), with internal access from them. Shared shower and toilet. Each cabin has its own sink.

Technical Data M/V Ushuaia

M/V Ushuaia Technical Data
Detail Data
Length: 84.73m / 278.3 ft
Breadth: 15.41m / 51 ft
Draft: 5.48m / 18.08 ft
Net Tonnage: 2,923 tons
Speed (Max): 14 knots
Cruise Speed: 12 knots
Passengers: 88
Crew and Staff: 38
Zodiacs & RIBs: 7
Power Supply: 110 V, 60 Hz
Shipyard: American Shipbuilding,
Toledo, Ohio
Built in: 1970
Classification: INSB Ice class C
Flag: Union of the Comoros
Engine: 2 ALCO 1600 HP each
Bow Thruster: 1x 500Kw

General Information M/V Ushuaia


English and Spanish are spoken during the expedition to Antarctica. Most crew members are bilingual, although there might be a few members speaking only one language.

Health Care Facilities

On board the M/V Ushuaia there is one physician for basic health care and emergencies. The infirmary is located on Deck E. In case of emergency, you need to call the Bridge (#108.) Visits are charged. The cost is USD 20 at the infirmary and USD 25 at your cabin. This fee includes just the visit and medicines are charged separately. Seasickness and headaches are taken care of at no charge. If you are taking medication regularly, please remember to bring it on board for your trip to Antarctica.

Payment Currency

On board, currencies used are American Dollar and Euro. You can purchase using cash or credit cards Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Minimum charge for credit cards is USD 100. We recommend bringing USD 300 cash for expenses on board. All your expenses on board will be charged at the end of your trip. Tips are in cash.


Foreign passports are held for safety and management reasons.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is allowed on decks, except for the deck where the boats are located. Smoking is not allowed inside the ship, including the cabins. Disposing cigarette ends on the ocean is strictly prohibited for two reasons, preservation of the environment and prevention of fires on the ship.



M/V Ushuaia Services


The ship is equipped with an INMARSAT system enabling direct communication with any telephone or fax around the world. You will receive a list of telephone numbers to reach the ship. Cost per minute from your cabin is USD 4 per minute approximately. Telephone charges are to be paid at the end of your trip.

Internet Access and E-mail

The ship has computers for Internet use for USD 10 per 30 minutes. No Wi-Fi available on board.


In M/V Ushuaia an important team of professionals are gathered to offer lectures during your trip to Antarctica, in a room specially equipped for such events.

Power Supply

Power supply is 110V/60Hz. Cabins have multi-type sockets suitable for international plugs. It is always a good idea to bring special converters and adaptors. Some sockets on public areas are 220v-240v. These are clearly identified and they offer the usual power in the Argentine territory, suited for V shaped plugs with three flat pins (third pin is ground.) They also fit V shaped plugs with two flat pins (no ground) and plugs with two small round pins as well.

Daily Schedule and Tours to Land

Tours to land are announced one day in advance. Before disembarking, you will be informed of the duration of the visit and if it is a “dry tour” (to land) or a “wet tour” (only by boat, without reaching land.) You will receive your daily program in your cabin, where you will find out about the activities for the following day, such as tours, “dry” or “wet” landings, meals and scheduled lectures. Programs are designed according to weather conditions and they can be changed unexpectedly.

Housekeeping and Laundry Services

Ship M/V Ushuaia does not offer laundry or dry cleaning services on board.

Special Diets

If you need to keep a special diet, you must request it one month in advance. We recommend stating it on the Booking Form. Kosher food for the Jewish community is not available.

Dress Code

Comfortable, casual clothes are recommended.

Rubber Boots

The ship provides rubber boots at no cost. A wide variety of sizes are available. These boots have been used for passengers in the past. Nevertheless, bringing your own boots is recommended, especially if you wear a large size.

Zodiac Boats

Boats carrying up to 12 passengers. These boats are built with robust materials with several airtight compartments and they make embarking and disembarking easy.