M/V Hebridean Sky

The M/V Hebridean Sky, is a small Antarctic expedition ship. It was built in 1992 and renovated in 2005. In 2016, the ship underwent an extensive and multi-million dollar renovation that transformed it into one of the best small boats in the world. The M / V Hebridean Sky accommodates 75 passengers accommodated in eight accommodation categories. Hebridean Sky offers an exclusive and elegant base for adventurous exploration in Antarctica.

M/V Hebridean Sky

The M/V Hebridean Sky, is a small Antarctic expedition ship. She was built in 1992 and renovated in 2005. In 2016, the ship underwent an extensive and multi-million dollar renovation that transformed her into one of the best small boats in the world.

The M/V Hebridean Sky accommodates 75 passengers accommodated in eight accommodation categories. Hebridean Sky offers an exclusive and elegant base for adventurous exploration in Antarctica. Public areas include "The Club" room, a library, a presentation room with audiovisual facilities, a dining room, an outdoor cafe, a medical clinic, a wraparound deck, and an elevator serving all passenger decks. The ship has a fleet of 10 Zodiac ships.

You'll find the atmosphere on board a private yacht or country hotel with some music in the lounge or bar after dinner, talks from our onboard team, and informative port reports from your Cruise Director or Expedition Leader . After a day of exploration ashore, you will return to the comfort and peace of a well-handled and extremely comfortable ship.

History of the Ship

Hebridean Sky is a cruise ship owned by the London-based cruise company Noble Caledonia. As an ice-rated ship, she has operated as an expedition cruise in Antarctica and in the Arctic. Originally her name was Renaissance VII. She underwent various name changes such as Regina Renaissance, Renai I, Sun, Island Sun, Corinthian II, Sea Explorer, Sea Explorer I.

The Renaissance Cruises company began the construction of eight small cruise ships, at the beginning of the 90's, all received numerical names in the form of Roman figures (from I to VIII). The first 5 ships were named from I to V. The second group of similar ships built, from VI to VIII, were of greater capacity than the first group. Hebridean Sky was the seventh ship built under the name Renaissance VII. Designed to operate the waters of any ocean, this ship has a maximum capacity of up to 120 passengers in 59 cabins. The saloon and dining room were large enough to accommodate all passengers at the same time. There were also other facilities, such as a swimming pool and a disco.

In 1992 Renaissance VII was rented by a tourism company, Raymond & White, to navigate the Caribbean Sea and changed its name: Regina Renaissance. The contract expires in 1998 and the ship is renamed Renaissance VII and begins to sail another route: the Mediterranean Sea in summer and the Indian Ocean in winter. The Renaissance Cruises company declared bankruptcy in October 2001, and Renaissance VII was sold to a business group that had invested in the company. They changed the name of the cruise ship to Renai I, but the ship did not sail for a while, waiting to be sold or rented.

In 2003, the name of the ship changed again, it was renamed Sun, and the following year, the ship was bought by International Shipping, and again renamed the Island Sun, and is rented by Mauritius Island Cruises, to sail from Mauritius to Port Louis, but does not comply with the bureaucratic regulations imposed by the Mauritius government and fails to navigate that route.

The following year she rents it out to an Australian company but quickly goes bankrupt. She also bankrupt Mauricio Island Cruises and in 2005 she is sold to the Danish Clipper business group, which in turn rents it to an American company, Travel Dynamics International. The ship is renamed Corinthian II, she undergoes some cosmetic remodeling changes and begins to navigate the Mediterranean Sea and Antarctica for the first time. After 8 years, in 2013 she was hired by Polar Latitudes and Poseidón Expeditions to operate in Antarctica and Arctic. A year later Danish Clipper sells it to Noble Caledonia, the company that owns the Hebridean Sky's sister ships, built in the second stage in the 90s, the Renaissance VI and VIII. The ship is reconditioned to new in April 2016 and is renamed Hebridean Sky.

Description of M/V Hebridean Sky

Cabins (Suites)

The 59 suites in the eight cabin categories are spacious, but 48 suites are used for trips to Antarctica, not including the cabins on deck 2 also called Amundsen Deck which are 11 standard suites. Each suite features a living room, a private bath with vanity and shower stall with rainfall and handheld shower heads.

Standing, no cabin has a bathtub, a large wardrobe, a panoramic window and two single beds that, upon request, can be joined to form a double bed, with the exception of suites 601 and 602 which have fixed double beds. There are 14 suites that have private balconies, corresponding to the Scott and Shackleton decks (deck 5 and 6). The triple cabins have a sofa bed as a third bed. The sense of luxury is enhanced by the prevailing wood and brass paneling throughout the ship that conveys the atmosphere of a private yacht.

All cabins have the following facilities:

  • Robes and slippers
  • TV
  • Plug
  • Hair dryer
  • Heating and air conditioning (individual control)
  • Mini bar and refrigerator: upon request, can be filled with soft drinks and beer for purchase. The mini bar is stocked on arrival and restocked daily. A price list can be found in the cabin
  • Programmable safe
  • Toiletries: hand soap, shower gel, shampoo, hair conditioner and body lotion
  • Telephone


The cabins have private balconies, single beds that can be adapted into a double bed, except cabins 601 and 602. On the Shackleton deck there are 6 cabins, of which there are 4 Owner's Suites (603, 604, 605 and 606), 1 Penthouse (601) and 1 Hebridean Suite (602).

Shackleton Deck - Suite 601 Penthouse
Suite 601 called the spacious Hebridean Suite located on Shackleton Deck measures approximately 30 square meters and features an oversized balcony with table, chairs and sun loungers. This suite has a fixed double bed.

Shackleton Deck - 602 Hebridean Suite
Suite 602 called Hebridean Suite is 34m2 and has 2 rooms with living room, it consists of a bathroom and a separate living room with an extra large balcony that extends the length of the suite. Additional benefits of reserving this wonderful suite include complimentary mini-bar with your preferences and complimentary laundry. This suite has a fixed double bed.

Shackleton Deck - Suites 603, 604, 605 and 606 - Owner's Suite
Suites 603 to 606 called Owner's Suite measure an average of 22 square meters and feature a large private 8-square-meter balcony with table and chairs.


Scott Deck - Suites 505 to 512 Veranda Suite
Suites 505 to 512 called Veranda Suite, are in total 8 cabins in total and measure 24 square meters and have a private balcony of 4 square meters with table and chairs.


Mawson Deck - Suites 414 and 415 Deluxe Suite
Suites 415 and 415 called Deluxe Suite or Corner Suite are two magnificent cabins that are located in the corners and have double aspect windows and measure 22 square meters.

Mawson Deck - Suites 416 to 428 Promenade Suite
Suites 416 to 428 called Promenade Suite or Premium Suite, are 13 cabins in total and have a large window and measure approximately 20 square meters, with a window and a living room.


Byrd Deck - Suites 329 to 348 Window Suite
Suites 329, 330, 332, 333, 335, 336, 338, 339, 340, 341, 342, 343, 344, 347 and 348, are 15 double cabins called Window Suite or Superior Suite and suites 331, 334, 345 and 346, there are 4 triple cabins, measuring 21 square meters, with a window and a living room.


Amundsen Deck - Suites 250, 252, 254 to 262 Standard Suite
The suites 250,252, 254,255,256,257,258,259,260, 261 and 262 called Window Suite or Superior Suite are cabins that measure 21 square meters and have large portholes. These cabins are not used for trips to Antarctica, that is why they are not listed on the deck plan, on deck 2. If you want to see the complete deck plan with all the cabins that are all 59 click here.

Description of the Cabins M/V Hebridean Sky
Category Size Details
Owner’s suite 370 ft2 /34 mt2 Two-room suite with living room, balcony and bedroom
Single suite 240 ft2 / 22 mt2 Suites with window and living room
Penthouse suite 325 ft2 / 30 mt2 Suites with private balcony and living room
Veranda suite 260 ft2 / 24 mt2 Suites with private balcony and living room
Deluxe suite 240 ft2 / 22 mt2 Suites in bow and side windows and living room
Promenade suite 220 ft2 / 20 mt2 Suites with window and living room
Window suite 225 ft2 / 21 mt2 Suites with window and living room
Triple suite 225 ft2 / 21 mt2 Suites with window and living room

Spaces in the M/V Hebridean Sky


Passenger accommodation is arranged on five decks and all suites have exterior views with suites and Scott (deck 5) and Shackleton (deck 6) decks with private balconies.

Deck 2: Amundsen Deck

On deck 2 is the dining room, which can accommodate all guests at once, it is a bright and charming environment to enjoy meals on board. The catering team presents menus that are programmed and adapted to the excursions of the days, the kitchen on board is of a superior quality. At dinner time, you can sit anywhere, choosing the dining room or the Lido terrace. Breakfast is buffet style, with certain items cooked to order upon request. Lunch and dinner are a la carte with an excellent selection of dishes, and the menu reflects daily catches or local delicacies. To further enhance your dining experience, a wine selection is included with both meals and there is also an extensive wine list with a wide selection of new and old world wines to choose from. On the Amundsen deck you will also find a clinic and a doctor.

Deck 3: Byrd Deck

The spacious and decorated public rooms on board the MS Hebridean Sky include a grand saloon on the Byrd deck (deck 3) with a selection of seating options, from individual armchairs and sofas to cushioned benches. Daily briefings by the Cruise Director and talks by guest speakers and expedition staff take place in The Lounge, which is equipped with the highest level of presentation equipment, including multiple displays.

Deck 4: Mawson Deck

On deck 4 is The Club, which is located towards the stern of the deck. It has the main bar where the pianist on board plays periodically, before and after dinner. The Club also offers 24-hour tea and coffee. Towards the stern of the ship is The Library, which is well stocked with reference books on the destinations the ship visits and a selection of essential readings. You can also find a collection of games and devices to access the Internet through the ship's satellite in the library, also playing cards. Access to the ship's satellite Wi-Fi via your own device is free on board (signal strength varies by location and demand). There is also the Promenade Deck an ideal platform for walking or jogging between 8:30 AM and 9:00 PM.

Deck 5: Scott Deck

On deck 5 is the Lido terrace. Afternoon tea or pre-dinner canapes are served here every day, you can also get to dinner, depending on the favorable weather, otherwise it is served in The Lounge on Byrd deck. Also on this deck is the command bridge, we hope to offer the opportunity to visit the Captain and the Officers on the Bridge to check the progress of the vessels through charts and learn more about their journey.

Deck 6: Shackleton Deck

On deck 6 there is an observation area that offers a fantastic platform for observing wildlife, perfect for relaxing with a book, sunbathing or catching up with other travelers. You will also find a clinic and doctor on board and an elevator that serves all decks. There is also a small hairdresser with appointments made on request.

M/V Hebridean Sky Deck and Cabin Plan

Deck 6 - Shackleton

Deck 6 - Shackleton Owner's Cabin Penthouse Cabin Observation Deck

Deck 5 - Scott

Deck 5 - Scott Deluxe Cabin Lido Deck

Deck 4 - Mawson

Deck 4 - Mawson Library Club Premium Cabin

Deck 3 - Byrd

Deck 3 - Byrd Lounge Reception Superior Cabin Superior Cabin Superior Cabin

Deck 2 - Amundsen

Deck 2 - Amundsen Dining Room

Owners's Suite Single Suites Penthouse Suites Veranda Suites
Deluxe Suites Promenade Suites Window Suites Triple Suites

Technical Data M/V Hebridean Sky

The M / V Hebridean Sky accommodates 118 passengers on expedition cruise trips and 75 passengers on air cruise trips. Its length (length of the boat) is 90.60 meters and its beam (width of the boat) is 15.30 meters. The ship is registered in the Bahamas, with a crew of 85 people, it was built in 1992 and renovated in 2016. The gross tonnage is 4,200 tons and the net tonnage of it is 1,286 tons. Cruising speed is 12.5 knots. The draft of the ship is 5.14 meters. She is ice class 1C. She carries 4 fully enclosed lifeboats to carry up to 192 people (between passengers and crew). The propulsion is based on 2 main engines of 3,520 kW.

Cruise capacity100 passengers
Capacity for air cruises75 passengers
Staff & Personal85 crew
Lifeboats4 fully enclosed for 190 passengers
Length90.6 meters
Broad15.3 meters
Propulsion2 main engines - 3,520 kW
Ice Class1C
Draft5.14 meters
Cruising speed12.5 knots in open water

General Information of the M/V Hebridean Sky

Daily program on board

The daily schedule on board is in the capable hands of our Cruise Director or Expedition Leader and the staff who coordinate with the Captain and Officers to make the most of each day. Briefings and talks will be provided throughout the trip along with a "Daily Schedule" that is distributed to your suite each afternoon and outlines the next day's activities. Dress on board is casual and laid-back and there will be no "black tie" nights.


Adapters for hair dryers, mobile phones, etc. can be obtained at the reception. These must be returned to Reception at the end of the cruise and are the property of the M / V Hebridean Sky. There is also an adapter extension box with USB ports next to the cockpit TV.


The voltage is 110V / 60HZ (American standard) and a 220V socket. We advise you to bring an American twopin adapter for the 110V plug. The use of personal hair dryers, clothes irons, coffee makers, etc. is prohibited in the cabins.

TV with one channel with technical information & Safety box

There is a dedicated channel on your TV in your suite that shows the ship's route along with technical information and estimated times of arrival and departure from the port. There is a selection of channels available including news and documentaries. A small DVD player is available upon request at the reception, as also DVDs available to borrow, they are configured for region 2. There is a safe located in the drawer of the TV cabinet, it can be programmed with your own code.

Air conditioner

The whole boat is air-conditioned. All cabins have individual temperature controls. For the air conditioning system to work efficiently, keep the doors closed when in use.


The ship uses a public address system to inform guests of all important information and activities during the cruise. Announcements can be heard in all public areas of the ship and in all cabins.

No smoking

The M / V Hebridean Sky offers a smoke-free environment. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the boat, including the balconies and is only allowed in the designated area outside on the Mawson Deck aft. Never throw any cigarettes overboard as the breeze could blow them back and start a fire.


Is the water drinkable. In order to reduce environmental damage, disposable plastic bottles are no longer used, they have been replaced by reusable and ecological bottles. Once used, they must be left in their cabin for later collection.

Dietary requirements

If you have any dietary requirements, such as vegetarian, low-salt, gluten-free, and low-cholesterol, please notify the Reservations Department. We regret that not all dietary requirements can be guaranteed. If you have any specific or special food that you require, we recommend that you take it with you, although we will endeavor to meet your needs. Once on board, speak to Chef or Maitre D at dinner on your first night on board to reconfirm your needs.

Food & Drink

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the restaurant. In nice weather, breakfast, lunch and dinner can also be served on The Lido Deck. Afternoon tea is served in The Club or The Lounge depending on the activities. Self-service tea, coffee and biscuits available 24 hours at The Club. House wine, beer, and soft drinks are included with lunch and dinner. M / V Hebridean Sky has an open seating policy which greatly enhances the pleasant atmosphere on board. The restaurant has table configurations of 8, 6, 4 and some of 2. Room service is not available on board. As we operate an open seating policy, we regret that reservations cannot be made. Please note that passengers cannot consume their own alcohol supplies on board.


There is a minibar in each suite and it is charged to your account.

No facilities for the disabled

There is an elevator on board, but the ship does not have facilities for disabled or wheelchair passengers. Also, most shore excursions involve some hiking and some excursions are only walking tours. There is no chair lift on board and access to the boat is by gangway.

Laundry & Ironing

Laundry service is available. In your cabin closet you will find your laundry bags and a price list. Put the complete laundry list on your bed with your laundry bag. Clothes are returned within 24 hours. The use of electric irons in your suite is prohibited. There is also an ironing service. There is no dry cleaning on board. To protect the environment, towels and Towels will not be changed on a daily basis. If you leave the towel hanging it means that it will not be changed and if you leave it on the floor it means that it must be changed.

Barber Shop

There is a hairdresser on board for haircuts and hairstyles. Beauty treatments and massages are also available. Shifts are reserved at the reception desk. This service is not free. Each cabin is equipped with a hair dryer that is located in the upper right drawer of the dresser. Remember that you cannot bring your own hair dryer.

Communications & security equipment

The M / V Hebridean Sky is equipped with the latest safety, navigation and communications equipment along with roll stabilizers to minimize ship movement. International maritime law requires a lifeboat safety drill before sailing. It is mandatory to attend this exercise. During the drill the ship's services are suspended.


If you want to reach the ship, please call +1 954 672 6930. This is a US number, so calls will be charged at an international rate. There is a phone in your booth that has access to an outside line. Outgoing call costs will be reported on board. You can make cabin-to-cabin calls for free.

Satellite internet and wifi

Connectivity is now an important feature in our lives and we do our best to provide you with this service on board. There are facilities in the Library to access the Internet and it also offers free on-board satellite Internet access. Wi-Fi is available in public areas and passenger cabins. You will need to bring your own device to connect in these areas. Wi-Fi cards, with their single sign-on and instructions, are available at the Reception. The service provided on board uses direct satellite technology and has a certain amount of bandwidth available. You cannot expect the same level of connectivity and speed on board that we enjoy at home via cable or fiber-optic based infrastructures.

Here are some tips for using satellite Wi-Fi on board:

  • Avoid rush hours, such as returning to the ship after an excursion.
  • Always log out of the system when not in use to free up bandwidth space for other passengers.
  • Work offline.
  • Download any application you need before leaving home.
  • Turn off or turn off background app data services and updates - Apps that sync in the background can quickly consume data without your knowledge.
  • Disable push notifications as they use a lot of data.
  • Remember to bring the necessary data or charging cables.
  • Your network provider may offer a cruise package, but be careful, once the ground signal is lost, it will be transferred to the satellite signal, resulting in higher costs.
  • Cruise terminals on land often have a good connection to land to complement their connectivity.
  • Put your phone in airplane mode when not in use to avoid roaming charges from your network provider.