Tours in Catamarca

Well protected by imposing mountain peaks and several 6,500 feet mounts and yet hidden among slopes, you can discover Catamarca. The most spectacular views and magnificent sceneries are all possible here. Antofagasta de la Sierra, also known as the “gateway to heaven”, opens the gate to the spectacular Campo de Piedra Pomez (Field of Pumice Stone.) At the same place, volcanoes, lagoons (such as the outstanding Grande Lagoon with its colony of 20,000 flamingoes), salt lakes and spring waters continue their homage to nature. History takes an important role in these lands as well, with endless colonial chapels and the indelible Inca footprint on the so called Ruins of Shincal. Handicraft does not pass unnoticed either: Local weavers are the creators of the renowned Catamarcan “poncho”, a true symbol of this province.

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Excursions to Catamarca

Catamarca & Cuesta del Portezuelo

We know the city of Catamarca during the morning. From the Basilica, the Paseo de la Fe, 25 de Mayo Square, San Francisco Convent up to the Handcraft Market. We set off to the Cuesta del Portezuelo arriving at the Dique Las Piquitas in the afternoon. The Cuesta del Portezuelo is a beautiful, long and winding road which is almost 1,700m over sea level, where we will have spectacular views of the Valle de Catamarca (the Catamarca Valley) crossed by the Paclin river and the Sierra de Ambato. This downhill has been immortalized in the zamba Paisaje de Catamarca, sung by the famous Argentine folklore group: Los Chalchaleros. During the journey we enjoy different towns by the roadside.